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  1. Forgot this one UL $200 inc shipping. If someone would like to buy the whole set $1300. For your information I paid $3000 for this set built for me by Lam.
  2. They all would be the most expensive, best versions of the kite when it was first built. I was just interested in winning competition so also asked lam to build me the best kites possibble whatever it cost.
  3. If someone would like to buy the whole set $1300. For your information I paid $3000 for this set built for me by Lam. 6 kites now $1000
  4. This one has been flown the most by my son Tristan. It is in good condition but it does need a new bridle. Its an easy fix, just contact Lam and he will make you one. My son used to fly this in almost any wind, but then he's a great flyer. The kite also comes with a set of brakes for really high winds. $225 US inc shipping to continental US.
  5. Sea Devil Mid Vent. Very nice condition. A very nice kite to have when the wind is up but not howling. $250 US inc shipping Continental US. Price now $200
  6. Sea Devil standard. Very nice condition. $250 US inc shipping to continental US. Price now $200
  7. Here is my Sea Devil light. I dont think Lam builds all the variations I have of this kite anymore. very nice condition. $250 US inc Shipping to continental US. Price now $200
  8. Sea devil UL. This one I used with either 2 or 3pt spreaders so thats what I will send it with. A couple of blemishes on the sail that could come out Im sure. $250 US Including Shipping to continental US. A picture of the whole family above also.
  9. I used to compete a while back and have come across my kites. i dont intend to fly anymore so I am going to dig through them and offer them for sale. Its a sul. We all know the quality of build. Its not new but is in nice condition. I have a few Sea Devils that will be coming up as I sort them. If someone would like a full set let me know and we can talk money. For the SUL I would like $300 US and that would include shipping in the continental US. Price now $200
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