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  1. mywindstuff

    Karma REV QUAD KITE 11/16/2016

    I'm in!
  2. mywindstuff

    Karma - Prism 4D (4/23/16)

    Im in again! Cause I too want to give back!
  3. mywindstuff

    KARMA - Green Race 1.5 Frame (3/30/16)

    I'm in .
  4. mywindstuff


    It's not a kitelife auction , it's an eBay auction item, it's merely a message too inform those interested parties that there may be a great deal to be had on eBay. I am a kite dealer and am not allowed to sell on kitelife , however a message to members of an opportunity elsewhere seems to have always been allowed. If your interested great! EBay auctions allow you and others to determine what it's worth at the present time. I'm sure if the administrators dont like this thread they will kindly let us know. Thanks for the interest!
  5. mywindstuff


    Not sure of the rule, however a copy and paste in eBays search takes you right to it.
  6. If you copy that and search eBay, it Will direct you to that listing. Not sure about the link you are showing?
  7. SOLD , ........I just listed a Prism 3D for Auction on ebay, used but in like New condition , complete with lines , winder and case. Case had a tear. Kite is perfect. eBay listing # 152015752143
  8. SOLD .....I just listed a Ray Merry / Premier Kites RM8 in like new condition on eBay for Auction eBay listing # 152015611520
  9. mywindstuff

    KARMA - Flying Wings "Emong" (2/27/16)

    Enjoy my kite T in WI. ! You lucky devil you!
  10. SOLD ! I just listed a Prism roll up bag on eBay for those interested . Ebay item number 161990431286
  11. mywindstuff

    KARMA - Flying Wings "Emong" (2/27/16)

    I'm In , in in in ! Thought I was gonna let this slip by didn't ya? I've tried jumping in first , in the middle , no luck. Let's try jumping in towards the end! Your gonna love my karma prizes, if I win!
  12. mywindstuff

    Rev Blast for trade

    How About a two or four line foil, they pack up real small for the bike!
  13. mywindstuff

    Karma - iPrey Glider (2/6/16)

    Awesome Win! Enjoy that little fella.
  14. mywindstuff

    HQ Delta Hawk / SOLD

    My Wind Stuff is My seller name, listed as HQ Delta Hawk lightly used, I don't know how to provide the link on here.