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  1. Talonnz

    Line lengths

    Hey thanks for that. Just had a look through that and went to do it but found there are no knots on the lines,they are sewed. I have a peter lynn impulse 2.0, 2 line, on a bar if that helps. Sorry for being a pain. I can put pics if need be. Nick
  2. Talonnz

    Line lengths

    Hey all Was out flying today and realized that my left line is about 4/5cms longer the right. I was wondering was the best way to go about fixing this? I did a seach but having trouble finding easy information. Thanks Nick
  3. Hey all Got a peter Lynn impulse 2.0 as a great price but it has some mold or mildew on the yellow trailing edge. Is there a way to remove it? or is not worth it? I assume it will not effect the kite performance. Thanks, Nick
  4. Thanks for the reply guys. Very helpful Thought I will try the Peter Lynn which I can get from a local dealer, compared to the prism which is from amazon. If i enjoy it, which im sure i will, I will go bigger. Also thought if i do enjoy it, i might try and start a lunch time kite club at the school I work at haha. I am teacher. Thanks again
  5. Newbie question - Looking to buy my first kite. Was trying to decide between the Peter Lynn Vibe 1.3, Prism snapshot 1.2 or a symphony Beach 1.3. Any advice? just looking to learn the ropes. Also im about 100kgs if tht matters Thanks in advance
  6. Welcome to the forums Talonnz :)

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