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    The 72's

    Some very pretty kites there
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    So a review of the diamond kite... I meet riffclown at jockeys ridge state park on Saturday. He was willing to drive a hour and a half to meet a fellow flyer! What a great jester. Day started with winds in the zero to 1 mph range. I tryed the smaller b2 size first on 13" handles and 50' lines, found it was too light of wind. But then put the hive on a set of 120' line and 15" handles, and the kite was amazing and the wind picked up to 1 to 2 mph. Riffclown's work is amazing and a tremendous flyer as well. As the day progressed we had the winds pick up and I became more comfortable flying. Yes I know I a guy who could fix the kites but I still am a very careful although the kites are built for a bearing. The added reinforcement at critical places really make a difference. The kite is a little heavier on the lines but saw some amazing glides in the slightest breeze and with time I know I can do the same as well, as I have the proper equipment (kite) to do so. So dont believe by first looks and believes that it's a heavy kite it is not. The kite is constructed to complement the added weight, with the construction of the sail. Now when I got back home and washed the kites from the sand, I went over the kites with a fine tooth comb. The build quality is simple amazing! Ranking with some of the best builders out there. I can say this because many that know me say I'm more of a collector then flyer these days and I'm always looking at build quality and construction for new ideas. The diamonds all come to a point the rows are straight and it is symmetrical from side to side if asked to be constructed that way very nicely... I can not say enough nice things about this kite and riffclown. If you get the chance to fly one you won't be disappointed Hope I did ok for my first review, anyone have any questions please ask!
  3. Loopy kite any way I could get a nice scan of that manual for the solution? Thanks
  4. Welcome to the forums atbflyer :)

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