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    The 72's

    Some very pretty kites there
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    So a review of the diamond kite... I meet riffclown at jockeys ridge state park on Saturday. He was willing to drive a hour and a half to meet a fellow flyer! What a great jester. Day started with winds in the zero to 1 mph range. I tryed the smaller b2 size first on 13" handles and 50' lines, found it was too light of wind. But then put the hive on a set of 120' line and 15" handles, and the kite was amazing and the wind picked up to 1 to 2 mph. Riffclown's work is amazing and a tremendous flyer as well. As the day progressed we had the winds pick up and I became more comfortable flying.
  3. Loopy kite any way I could get a nice scan of that manual for the solution? Thanks
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