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  1. Dang it..... First good windy day and I am working..... And forgot to bring the new kite with me...... Bummmmmmmmmerrrr
  2. I failed to mention the model..... It is a SUL and I have an extra set of 3PT Spreaders. Some may have noticed the model in the picture..... Lol
  3. Thanks John...... I think Rob doesn't mind the interruption. He has been very helpful to me elsewhere here and I appreciate what I am learning. I will watch it all again but the first 4 minutes gave me 4 good tips that I have been missing. Great help there!
  4. Any chance someone could have a video camera rolling during this process? I am a nay sayer and would like to see what I am doing wrong here.
  5. Took a quick peek in the box..... Most amazing quality kite I have seen! I am so happy..... And I haven't flown it yet. Lam was kind enough to sign it for me and even give me some hand made straps to fly it with.
  6. Just wanted to update everyone..... Not that anyone really cares.... Lol I had a wonderful phone conversation with Lam Hoac after he returned from the Montreal show on the 20th. We talked about my experiences and troubles and he just laughed at the problems I have had like it was common and he could help. He recommended that I look at his Transformer 2 and he had a couple extra in his personal kite bag. I have always liked purple and pink kites and he had one in "grape" according to him. We hit it off and I am excited to see I have a package in hand now. I stopped by the post office this morning......I will open it later when work is done but I am planning to find this beauty inside!
  7. Hey there fella..... I am trying to update my profile but haven't figured out how. I am in Cleveland, TN.
  8. Correction.... Just got in touch with Lam and gave him my number. I will talk to him later this week
  9. Rob, Thanks for your help again. I have been looking around here and YouTube as well as several manufacturers sites. I am not completely confused yet! Lol. I am thinking that the Sea Devil is my first pick at the moment. I think that I want something that is bigger and slower than the other ones I have. I would hate to get a T2 or a ATM and feel like I am flying my BOT all over again. I like the Fearless video and it looks great but I could see it getting ahead of me and maybe I would be happier with a slower pace for now. I know everyone is different and I could end up both at some point. I just know that I have always liked the feel of the SUL in our wind and I want to learn more slack line and floaty tricks like you were just cranking out in the videos of these two kites. I know both excell but the SD just seems more relaxing. I need to watch both again
  10. I guess it comes down to this....... I would like something to fill a gap between the VP and the BOTrix that would be in the SUL because 5mph winds are rare. We do have heavy winds but usually with storms and I would just pull the Benson out. I would hate to get a $300 Widow when a Lam kite would be so much better. I was just enamored by the way that Sea Devil flew even in the calm evening winds you had. I know you are very skilled but I am tired of fighting with tools not made for the job at hand... Lol
  11. Yes I did mention the Fearless..... Because it was one of your favorites! I saw this picture in your thread..... Lol
  12. Thanks for the reply Must86. I am not sure on the Stiletto. It weighs 7.8oz for a 83" WS...... Probably weight I guess. It is a Skyshark frame but I don't remember the model. I appreciate your input on the VP...... I have never been able to do much with it and like you say it is just a great flyer. I guess I am wanting something like it but more trick oriented and able to fly in lighter wind than the BOT. I looked at the Widow Maker last night but was not sure. I know it is a great value but is it capable like the Sea Devil? I have just been so impressed by your video of the SD and I have been missing that level of ability with anything else I have.
  13. Okay, after laying awake half the night pondering the finner points of SUL and life, I am looking for some comparisons by Must86 or someone who has flown some of the kites in question. I am looking for some input on the similarities and differences between the VP, the Sea Devil, and the Fearless. Thanks again for your help and this great place to hang out
  14. Here is my PBSK Vanishing Point. I can't remember ever flying it but the copy I made of it just a tad stronger in frame material I all but wore out. I didn't know anything about weight and balance but couldn't get it to trick well. The connections have all dried up and need to be replaced. Here are some pictures. The tip was held in place with o rings.... It needs help too.
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