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  1. Thanks for the Links Stephen. I had seen those examples on Fractured Axle. It left me with the same questions. Still worth a second look though. I hope he got an answer on the above kite as well. I hate to be presumptuous and contact Benson for something that may not even be his actual work. And I am leaning toward this being an example of a High Flyer. The search continues Mike
  2. until

    A great way to meet and greet others passionate about kites. See you there!
  3. until
    The 3rd annual Long Beach Fun Fly, Will be held, May 16th and 17th Bolstad Beach approach, Long Beach WA. https://www.facebook.com/kitefest/photos/a.403837786383457.1073741826.110995385667700/646330098800890/?type=1
  4. This is a kite I acquired from the UK. I know that it is a Phantom Shadow. What I don't know is whether this one was one produced by Tim Bensen, or a model produced by High Flyers under his design license. All the high flyers I have seen have a black HF Logo patch below the T on the spine area of the sail. Can anyone shed some light on this? Any help is appreciated. Here is a pic.
  5. Wow these Prizes will make any one's Christmas merry. I'm gonna say December 11, 2:14 PM Wishing you the happiest and healthiest.
  6. Welcome to the forums WindDog :)

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