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  1. Worth looking at Kareloh's website. He has some great links to open source kite plans: http://www.kareloh.com/kite-plans/ The Magnet, Magnet 112% and the [Return} are definitely worth considering.
  2. There are two buoyage systems in the world and the US and Europe use different systems. Red and green are used the other way around, so in Europe it would be red, left, return. I probably didn't explain that very well before.
  3. Might work like that in the US. Other way round in Europe. Red is port and port is left in nautical terms. So never understood why everybody attaches red lines to the right hand side of the kite. Still put the red lines on the right regardless. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. jaydub200

    Esinger's Kites

    Interested in what you think of the Lumokites Vega and Vital.
  5. What is the kite? My gut feel is that it is just designed to be a fixed three point bridle. Although you can slide the knot out as per your second pic to form a turbo bridle, that looks to be a lot of turbo and in my view is unlikely to be a design feature of the kite. Reverse turbos (where the turbo bit is on the outhaul rather than the inhaul) are much more popular, which again makes me question whether you creating a turbo is an intended feature. The line going from part way up the uphaul to part way along the inhaul is almost certainly there as a keeper line to stop the inhaul catching on the keel. It will only be an activator if it is taut when the bridle is tensioned along all three legs.
  6. According to my wife I have many personality flaws. I'm not sure not flying a rev is seen as one of them. Flying any sort of kite is probably in the list somewhere though.
  7. I'm not into Revs, but that is one stunning pic.
  8. In my experience a turbo makes the kits a bit softer than a standard three point bridle, so not sure whether it's a good move or not. Whatever you do if you do significanlt alter it, make sure that you have all the measurements to revert it back to teh standard settings.
  9. Both Tapatalk and the KL app are working for me on Android. Thanks, JB.
  10. Unable to connect via Tapatalk. Just downloaded the KiteLife Android app and get the same error on both: Server error occurred: '1 Call to undefined method IPS\forums\Topic\Post::canGiveReputation() (MbqRdEtForumPost.php:429)'
  11. Hi Paul, Welcome to KiteLife Jon
  12. It looks as though kiteworld.co.uk is and does appear to have some 2mm parts.
  13. Tim does sell parts. They are on his web site, but they are parts for his range of kites, so not sure he will stock any 2mm fittings that OAP was looking for (apart from end caps). Always worth an ask though. Send him an email and he will respond.
  14. And so you should So you should. Tim's construction techniques match anybody's and his collaborative kites with Andy Wardley, the Gemini and Deep Space, deserve a space in anybody's kite bags. The later Chris Goff kites are a bit more radical and won't be to everybody's tastes, but they are still excellent kites. And having had the pleasure of meeting Tim at the UK Crantock gatherings, he is one really nice guy. Linda and the kids are pretty special too. What a shame Crantock is no more. I have some very special memories not only of the place, but just as importantly of the people; kite flyers are special after all.
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