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  1. According to this, the original spec was for 6mm Structil High Mod that hasn't been available for years. IIRC Structil was unmarked. I went through stick after stick of normal 6mm Strucil on the LLE of a Gemini. Very strong and lightweight, but a bit brittle. The Excel 6 is a fairly standard European 6mm tube. It is at the softer end of the spectrum, so most of the high end kite makers avoid it, but being softer it will be more resilient. My best guess is that you have one original High Mod and an Excel 6 replacement. Not really a marriage made in Heaven!
  2. Neither were ideally suited to my very poor normal flying site which is a 35m v 25m plateau on top of a hill, where the wind is quite gusty and there is very little advance notifications of dogs approaching. Both kites really needed flying on 30m plus lines, which I just couldn't do there. Both are very nice kites. The Hugo is a very accurate kite. It does everything you ask it to do in the way you ask it to do, but for me who is used to flying freestyle kites, it lacked a bit of soul. The Veyron went because I was offered a direct swap and it was too good a deal to pass up. I miss them both for different reasons, but they both went to flyers who had better locations to fly them in.
  3. Quite a few floating around Europe. Doubt any made it over the big pond.
  4. It's a nice kite. Had more success doing a Wap-do-wap on the Veyron than anything before and since. Dod a straight swap for a Hugo, which i liked even better but not ideal for my flying site. Both have moved onto pastures new now.
  5. Which kite are you trying to learn the taz on? The inputs tend to be very kite dependent. Some just don't want to do it, others give it away much more easily.
  6. I have no idea why you should be having problems with nitros. I have several kites with nitro LS and never had a problem with them. The only trick that should really stress the LSs is doing cyniques and there is absolutely no reason for them to fail 2-3 seconds into flight in 5-10 mph winds. If you are going to swap them out for 5PT, I would suggest going for the Black Diamond variant as they are sanded smooth and won't damage the bridle as much.
  7. Sad news from France. Roger and Tessa have decided to pull out of the dual line market: 25 years old! Captain Tricks, Major, Feeling, Cyrius, Histrion, Eden, Maya, Queen Maya, Frezy, Opium, Nirvana, Jordana, Krystal, KFX, NFX, Hobby, Essenciel, Fifteen, Krystal, Shooter, Blvd 'X, Shift, Bird' X, Unik, Next, K07, NSE, Manga, NFX Sport, Wao, Initial, Toxic, Extend, Diablis, Vision, Still, KSE, N3E and all their wind declinations. Bars, Icone, R-tube, accessories... 25 years of projects, creations, design, competitions, challenges, 25 years of victories, emotion, passion, 25 years of sharing and happiness with you! Today the kite is different, we helped it grow, we helped it build itself with all the energy that characterizes us. But the challenges have moved away. The lack of motivation, enthusiasm, the general level down, the desertion of riders, non-existent manufacturers, mass closed shops, a federation not very inclined to modernity, to make this sport, a great sport, do not we don't even believe that this could happen one day. So we decided to stop the production of acrobatic kites. However, our passion remains intact, and we will use our energy to other aspects of kites, event organizing, competition and producing large kites. Naturally, the wind and kite experience will have led us to the decoration of the street skies of city centers, and aerial architecture will be part of our upcoming activities We are also working on the creation of ephemeral museums of sculptures on intra-muros sand. It is with great pleasure that we will meet you on our next organizations. 25 years of emotions, with a team and riders we deeply loved and still love. A big page is turning for R-SKY, however, with still some great ideas in the boxes... Thank you all for participating near or far in this great adventure. Roger and Sylvie http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3582/5709884160_959d3230f3_m.jpg View source Bold Italic Underline Bullet list Numbered list Font Size Font Color Remove Formatting Insert an image Code Insert a Quote Insert a link Unlink
  8. It's a larks head knot so very easy just to slide it through itself. Looking at Tim's web site try an uphaul of 53cm and an outhaul of 75.5. Mike Fogg (who features extensively on the Benson video page) and I tried various settings and both settled on a 0.5cm shift. Always best to mark the original settings so you can revert if you don't like it.
  9. I've not had a DS for a number of years, but I found sliding the uphaul/outhaul knot position to increase the uphaul length by 0.5cm made the turtle sufficiently deep to make JLs significantly easier without detracting from any other tricks. Worth a try.
  10. I've not flown an R-Sky kite for well over 10 years, however I have flown the original Nirvana and tried a NSE for about 30 minutes. The Nirvana didn't have a great reputation for build quality in the early days, but I believe the NSE and Nirvana 3E are better built than the original Nirvanas. Having said that I know of one local flier who bought the 3E and sent it back demanding a refund he was so disappointed with it. There aren't many of the UK fliers that I know of who fly R-Sky, fundamentally because the R-Sky prices are set at aa level where you can get better built kites from a number of European kite makers (although that number is decreasing year by year). Although my advice would be but elsewhere, I do have a secret hankering to fly the Nirvana gain. I actually like the slightly bigger kites that are that bit slower through the air; I like to see whether a trick is well formed and I also probably need that bit of extra reaction time as I get older. Getting back to your R-SKy vs Benson question. The Nirvana is a completely different kite to the Deep Space, SuperFly or SuperNova and may give you something the others don't that makes any difference in build quality academic.
  11. Not sure why a SkySportDesign kits is any more orless custom than a Benson. Both are build to order and both Lam and Tim will offer bespoke colors although on the SuperFly and SuperNova series Tim will only offer it on certain panels (an agreement he has with Chris Goff, the designer). I have very limited experience of SSD kites having only ever flown a Fearless for about 30 minutes, so I am not going to compare the two makes. You can't go wrong with either for build quality. Both will offer you a night and day difference to a Quantum if you are past the crash and burn phase, especially if you are wnating to get into tricks.
  12. Chrome or extensions in Firefox and other browsers will auto translate for you. Helps you read the forums, if not post in their native language.
  13. Mike, If the kite is just coming towards you when you make the second pull, it is probbly the kite. I had a Sturdy Saber, which did the same on (I think) Slots. The second pull is more of a slower lawn mower type pull and it helps if you can manage the slack so that there is next to no slack when you start the move. Slack is critical to the rotation, so you need to give a lot of slack as soon as you have made the hand movement otherwise the kite will partially rotate before the lines go taut and stop the rotation. A very large step forward of even running a few short steps wil help no end. Bcause of the Covid restrictions in the uK, I haven't flown at all this year, so the above is based on recollection rather than recent practice. Hope it helps! Jon
  14. Agreed. The DS is an out and out freestyle kite. It was never intended for precision flying.
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