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    dogstaking a single line sounds like somthin i could handle
  2. got some really good wind on thursday, and a little video that my friend shot. couple crashes and bumps, but nothing broke yet. http://www.scott.rchomepage.com/Rev.wmv enjoy! and help/criticism is appreciated. Scott
  3. they're supposed to go on the back of the kite? :confused!: hahahaha just kidding although i did make that mistake too, first day i tried it. Tops of the trees are moving, might have enough wind today to get some more time in. KITING IS FUN! YAY!! wow im hyper
  4. that's exactly what i looked like a few times lol same facial expression too havent gotten any flying in since then though, no wind at all past 2 days
  5. Hi all, Yesterday i ventured out for another time of mowing the flying field (r/c airplane flying field), and threw the kite in the back of the car hoping it might be windy. So after mowing for 3 hours, i was happy to see that it was really windy for a change (was dead still for about 3 weeks) Got out the kite, put it together, and it was pulling like crazy before i got the lines on it. Hooked up the lines, (here's my error) and got ready to launch. Goes up fine, pulling my thumbs back and taking a few steps back, but even with the strong wind, it falls slowly to the ground over and over again. Nothing like see a kid practicing shuttle launches with a kite After thinking about what was happening, the hampster in my head started running in his wheel, and then it hit me. "The sail has to be angled the wrong way" Sure enough i walk out, n00b that i am, bottom lines which are a tad longer were on top, and the shorter lines were on bottom. flipped em around, and BAM! Pulled back, kite goes up, kid goes flying onto his face. Not kidding. i dont think the winds were higher then 20 mph gusts, i just wasnt expecting it. after getting up, i took off again, and managed to stay in the air 10 minutes before coming down. I was going crazy YAY! IT WORKS!! So i preceeded to do some spins, practice slides from right to left (spar on top) working on keeping it in one spot, inverted hovers, sideways hovers, and some reverse (lots of work to do there) i think the best thing i said to my mom after flying was "If John Barresi was here, he would either be crying or laughing hysterically" Another fun day at the flying field, but flying something different then normal thank you for reading my embarassing story
  6. I'm in southeastern PA, about 45 minutes northwest of Philly. If i can talk my parents into taking a weekend vacation to Wildwood to fly my rev, maybe we could meet up. I could use some instruction
  7. Yea, i have the ones that came with the 1.5 SLE. the leading edge is almost a half inch in diameter, and the verticles are around a quarter inch. i see the Kite Shoppe has 3 brands of tubes, although i dont know which ones are the right ones.
  8. Hi there. Have had my 1.5 SLE for a few days now, and am wanting to lighten it up to fly in lighter winds (since i got the kite, there's been little to no wind at all for some reason) What is the best way to make it lighter? a lighter frame? does anyone have links to some lighter spars? and what to use? Thanks Scott
  9. Scotty


    as a matter of fact, lol I AM building a P-51, not quite as big, 84" wingspan, that blue one is 120" As for the Rev, i think i have decided. I will order the 1.5SLE, and fly around, or try at least, and if i dont have quite enough wind, i will try and get lighter spars, like 3 wrap.
  10. if this question fits here, Are there any online sources that show all the tricks for quads? i found one for dual lines, ReedDesign i think it was? Any trick articles out there for quads? Thanks! Scott
  11. Scotty


    Haha, thanks for the plane comment. Looking at a website for the local kite shop, they have 1.5 SLE's with everything for 283.50, and on Kites Inc, they are 219. They say they come with the same things, however, this has me worried that the one in kites inc doesnt come with everything. Maybe the retailer is just overpriced?
  12. Scotty


    YAY! haha Since the 1.5 SLE was what caught my eye first, im gald to here that it is a good one. I found them on KitesInc.com for 219 bucks, with lines and handles, and a DVD (which ill spend lots of time watching when it rains) http://www.kitesinc.com/Dual-line/Quad.php I should have all the money i need by the end of today, maybe i can order it soon. How is the assembly of these things? Does it come in just pieces and the sail with lots of labor needed? I'm used to getting an airplane, and having a box of wood shipped to my door. Thanks Alot guys! Scotty
  13. Scotty


    Thanks for the quick responses guys! I will look at the spirit. The plane has a 150cc twin cylinder engine, runs on regular gas, around 16.5 hp, spins a 32" prop, plane has 120" wingspan, weighs around 38 pounds. Futaba radio, JR servos, and it's a 3W Yak 54. (with a DA motor, so you can tell i clash the rival brands). It has cannister mufflers set up to make it quiet, and uses 50 oz of fuel in a 15 minute flight. I have a few other planes, an 87", and a few around 40 to 50", but this one i will use for competition this year. Again, thanks for the replies, i will look into the spirit. Scott
  14. Scotty


    Hi everyone, my name is Scott, i'm 16, and from Pennsylvania. I have been looking at stunt kite sites for the past month or 2, and it is somethin i really want to get into. However, i noticed that i didnt find too many other people my age. I have a dual line that i fool around with when im at the field. (r/c airplane field, i fly really big model airplanes) Since then, i have been wanting a quad line, mostly because it looks like it has much more control. From flying planes, i am used to having alot of control. Anyway, I have been looking at a Rev 1.5 SLE. it caught my eye, and looks very nice. What are your opinions on it? Winds around here range from nothing one day, to big gusts up to 30 other days, mostly between 5 and 10 though. There is someone else that i fly airplanes with that also enjoys kite flying, mostly duals, but some quads. He would be my main method of learning, along with this website. And here is a weird question. How much cash am i looking at dishing out just to get the 1.5SLE flying? I dont need professional doo-dads and upgrades (there are some i am guessing?) just want to have fun when it's a little to windy to fly airplanes, without spending as much as i do on the airplanes. (the last plane i built has around $10,000 invested) So if you have any info on this kite, please post, help a new kid out. If the attachment works, here is a picture of me and my new plane. Thanks alot! Scott
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