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  1. Rev EXP Quad with Reflex (Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black) - $160.00 - I have flown this quad only one time since buying brand new. Not my cup of tea. The EXP package comes complete and ready to fly with Kite, Handles, 90 lb x 65 ft Line set, DVD, and a manual. You'll get the same as buying a new one and save 50.00 dollars. (A new one is 195.00 plus shipping).
  2. Hey WW..... All I've seen are the outer bands and a little rain so far. However, Harvey (or the remnants of Harvey) will be moving into my area tomorrow and all next week. My son lives in San Antonio and all they've gotten is overcast skies and some rain. No flooding. Hoping I could get some wind to fly with before the rain hits, but it's been still where I am. They're predicting up to 10 inches of rain in my area for the coming week up till next Saturday.
  3. I have to concur with these guys Jason. Give it more time. I can top your story though. I live in Northeastern Texas. There's a LOT of difference in wind from my area to yours on the coast in Jersey. You have more of an opportunity to fly than most. I have to really watch the weather and pick my days to fly, which hampers me from ever becoming a really good flyer. There have been days that I've been totally frustrated with the fact that I have no wind. And like you, I've been frustrated enough to give it up but the good times in flying have out weighed the bad. I've hooked up with flyers in DAKO (Dallas Area Kite Organization) and have developed some nice friendships from that. Practice makes perfect and you have the opportunity where you live to practically go out almost everyday and practice. From one frustrated (at times) flyer to another..... give it more time.
  4. Trip


    Thanks Jason.... I'll update the weight.
  5. Trip


    Mine is coming. Ordered from Into The Wind the other day. Should arrive in a day or two. Looking forward to flying it and giving my thoughts. I used to own a Quantum (Fire) which is in my caricature at the bottom of my posts. Loved flying it.Here's the info I have so far, let me know if I need to correct: Prism Quantum (Radian Special Edition)The American Kite maker Prism celebrates their 25th anniversary with this "Radian" Special Edition featuring an undeniably 90's color scheme, a wink to the Radian, the very first kite crafted in the tiny Seattle workshop in 1992.Quantum Specifications:• Status - Only 200 made for Prism 25th Anniversary• Skill Level - Beginner to Intermediate• Sail - Ripstop Nylon Mylar• Frame - Pultruded Carbon• Wing Span - 84"• Weight - 15.3 oz.• Advertised Wind Range - 5 to 25 mphMade in the USAFrom Prism:In 1992, when we crafted the first Radians in our tiny Seattle workshop, we never imagined where our passion for flight would take us. 2017 seemed like an impossibly distant future – would people still be flying kites when there was a hover-car in every driveway? Would the thrill of flying still be as captivating in the new digital age? But 25 years later the magic of flight continues to fascinate, and all that new technology is letting us present kites to a whole new generation of pilots eager to escape our digital world and connect with the wind, the landscape, and the sky above.The kite that launched the company, the Radian, was like nothing else on the market. Its bold styling and unique performance made it an instant success, inspiring us to grow with other innovative designs and ideas. We’ve developed many winning products in the years since, but but no matter how much we’ve learned over the years the Radian remains an inspiration and reminder of where it all began.When we sat down to plan something special for our 25th anniversary, we decided to look to the Radian for inspiration once more. The result? Our new Special Edition Quantum! Borrowing heavily from the Radian’s undeniably 90’s color scheme, this Special Edition Quantum is a throwback to our roots. Featuring a neon yellow leading edge, super-bright color scheme, and a large mylar center panel, this limited run Quantum is as close as you can get to 1992 without a time machine!7-foot wingspan. Solid pull. Serious fun. The Special Edition Quantum is the ultimate choice for new pilots, meticulously designed to make learning easy and keep you flying for years. It’’s got a light, tough carbon frame. Crash protection on the spine. Adjustable bridle with radical and forgiving settings. Easy to learn on, hard to outgrow.The frame is pultruded carbon with internal reinforcements and custom engineered fittings. It comes with low-stretch Dyneema flying lines, adjustable flight straps and color-coded attachment clips. All packed up in a zippered sleeve with the instructions printed on the back. It’s the complete package that’ll get you hooked on sport kites.Limited means Limited. There are only 200 Special Edition Quantum madeFEATURES:Crash protection for new pilots - Innovative shock absorber in the tail and Kevlar-reinforced nose are designed to protect your kite from those unplanned landings.Advanced tuning - A special bridle feature allows you to adjust the kite’s responsiveness for your skill level. Start flying with the forgiving setting. For new pilots this provides easier control and wider turns. As your skills advance, switch to the radical setting for snappy cornering, stronger pull, and more advanced tricks.Adjustable bridle - The bridle geometry is easy to fine tune for light to strong winds. It’s not necessary to move your bridle from the factory setting, but doing so will let you fly in an even wider wind range. Simply slide the friction knots toward the “light wind” setting for lighter breezes or towards the “strong wind” setting for windy days. Limit points on the bridle will keep you from over-tuning the kite out of flying range.Two-piece leading edge and spreaders - Lets you fold the kite down to 36" to fit in a suitcase or backpack.Custom molded leading edge connectors - Engineered to flex with the leading edge, these special ferrules prevent breakage at the stress point.Color-coded line attachment clips - Make it quick and easy to hook up your lines, no knots required.
  6. Trip


    Since several have purchased the Quantum Radian Special Edition, I thought I'd start a thread for those that own one to give any feedback or info about their experiences with the kite.
  7. Trip

    Pro-Wasp - SOLD

    It's a dual-line kite, Ninja. The bridle connects in four places on each side. It's bigger than most and gives a good time on the beach.
  8. SOLD - Terry Crumpler Pro-Wasp needs a new home. Cleaning out some kites to make room for others. Accept PayPal, no trades please.Pro-Wasp Specifications:• Status - Out of Production• Condition - Very Good• Skill Level - Intermediate to Expert• Wing Span - 96"• Frame - Easton a/c tubes• Sail - 3/4oz. Carrington Spinnaker nylonMade in USA by WindWalker Kites/Terry Crumpler/Gayla Industries SOLD - Pro-Wasp (Purple) - 98.00 includes shipping in CONUS - This kite is a blast to fly in higher wind. Sail is crisp, clean and ready to fly. Comes with original sleeve and a turbo bridle (if you dare).
  9. All prices below include shipping CONUS. But, feel free to PM me about the price or if you have any questions. Strings sets are not included. I accept PayPal (Please select sending money to Family or Friends to save the extra charge). All my kites are stored correctly and kept in a smoke-free environment. More info on these kites at Back in Bag----Prism Quantum Pro (Purple) - $215.00- I would rate this kite a 9 out of 10. Sale is crisp, flies like a dream. I've only flown it three times. Time for it to get a good home. Comes complete with weight set and sleeve. Handbuilt by Justin Edwards, Chief Product Manager for Prism Kites in Seattle on 11/23/2004. Price includes shipping CONUS. SOLD---HQ Tramontana (Tricktana) (Purple/Green tips) - $170.00 - Excellent condition, I've flown only one time. Sail is in almost brand new condition. Flies excellent. Made in Germany. The Tricktana was one of the kites in a new Tramontana 2000 range which was developed by Chris Matheson for HQ Kites. Price includes shipping CONUS.
  10. Hi Everyone, Well, once again, I'd like to see if anyone might have a JS Hummingbird that they might be willing to sell. Has to be the vintage Joel Sholz Sky Delight Kites Hummingbird. I'm not rich and it doesn't have to be pristine. Thanks, Robert
  11. Trip

    Trinity Wind Festival, Dallas

    My flight was more stable than I thought it would be. I was kind of surprised how well the video came out from the front of my kite. If I just hovered all the time, it would really be stable.
  12. Hi John, You can go ahead and lock this thread. Thanks, Robert
  13. Actually found two.... one in Seattle and the other in Australia.
  14. Thanks. I've got a post on GWTW too. We'll see what happens.
  15. Anyone have a Prism E2 that they might want to get rid of? Color doesn't matter.