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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, I'm going back out today and getting back on the horse. I believe I may have identified one of the issues and I'll check back later to let you know how I get on!
  2. Hi guys, it's really nice to see such an active forum here. I have been flying dual line parafoil and stunt kites for a few years and felt like something a bit more challenging. I happened to stumble on a few Revolution youtube videos and absolutely knew that I had to try quad line. However I have no experience whatsoever in quad line flying, I've watched quite a few videos and read a fair bit, but nothing that includes hands on experience! I researched which one to buy, considered a HQ Mojo (and decided I wanted a Revolution really), a Rev Exp and Rev SLE. Everywhere I read, where someone expressed an opinion, they said that if you get an Exp you would be secretly wanting an SLE all the time and if you could afford an SLE you may as well get the best one you can afford.... So here's where the experienced quad liners start shaking their heads and mumbling under their breath collectively.... I managed to get my hands on a John Barresi Rev 1.5 non vented for a really good price - in fact for less than second hand Exp's are going for. I have 80' of LGP which I have sleeved and double checked for length. So, first time out - wind conditions between 5 and gusting up to 13 or so and I have had plenty of experience in making soft crash landings. What concerned me most was my absolute complete inability to maintain level flight with for any period of time without crazy spins or dips occurring all without moving or twitching the handles an inch. So, I guess my main question would be - am I trying to tame a beast too fierce and do I need to start out with a lesser kite that may be more forgiving? If not, what the hell am I getting wrong. Thanks very much for any input. Steve
  3. Welcome to the forums Golidog :)

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