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  1. Riverview Park is directly under the flight path for Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, 8 miles away. It is fun to share the sky with the big birds. Link to the 4k version of this instagram video.
  2. Thank you for the translation! Here are the pamphlets used as bookmarks. I contacted others about the translation. Any new info will be posted.
  3. I bought Tsutomu Hiroi's book 'Kites: Sculpting the Sky' (1978) for a couple bucks off Amazon. All the info I could find on him is his birth year (1925) and a website that states his book "... is one of the first to take kites seriously as art objects. Both sculptor and teacher, Hiroi writes about the tradition of Japanese kites, yet his own kites are flying sculptures made in modern materials. Hiroi is one of the original founders of the Japan Kite Association". -drachen.org He signed this book in 1979, which came with pamphlets about Washington kite events. I wonder if he did a book signing in Washington, or someone ran into him at a festival? I can upload the pamphlets if anyone is curious. Can anyone translate what he wrote in this book? Does anyone have any info on Tsutomu?
  4. This small dragon kite was purchased at the 2014 Lotto International Kite Festival in Oostende, Belgium. Yesterday was the first time it flew in America. Enjoy the Winter Solstice, everyone!
  5. I hope all of you enjoyed 2016 thus far. We have a lot to look forward to in 2017. This month will bring very little wind and lots of sunshine. More content is on the way. Here is a 4k version of the instagram video:
  6. Once or twice a month the winds will be enough to break out the B2 Mid vent, Thanksgiving weather was ideal. Arizona is great for winter flying. The dandelions are racing through the skies. Click here for a 4K version of the Instagram video:
  7. Flynhi


    Today provided great rain (0.05 in), cool air (65 F), and a bit of wind (6-22 MPH). Kite control is coming more naturally. The next step is to tame arm movement. The zooming in and out edits on this video make me a bit dizzy. Does anyone else experience this?
  8. That is very impressive!
  9. Flynhi

    Enjoy Autumn

    Thank you! Are you speaking of the adjustment knots on the top handles? I graduated from the 3rd to the last knot. This has made a world of a difference! Last knot is now my jam. Thank you! 30 ft in low winds is surprisingly a blast, as well as a great workout.
  10. Flynhi

    Enjoy Autumn

    (This video is only view-able through this blog entry, or by sharing this link: https://youtu.be/2-WtSRIEUU0 ) Flying has brought nothing but joy and inspiration in the past year. Tracking the weather while outdoors is good for the spirit. The November sun brings plenty of heat to the valley. We wait for the skies to send a few good breezes. Enjoy Autumn!
  11. Halloween brought a very creepy scene to the Riverview Park, a sea of spiders. It was a great time to fly with thousands of new friends.
  12. Fall weather in PHX - 96 F / 72 F with very little wind. B series standard is great for these conditions. Progress is slow and steady. Next step is leading with the brakes. Nothing but great weather for the next 7 months.
  13. 4 months since the last cool breeze. Kite battle with 2 buds. Nothing but good weather for the next 7 months. Enjoy the season!
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