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  1. i have three zen gliders (medium) with me for sale.... $150 each, two sets of flying line included. paypal works for me. if you act this week, i am in the states and can send it right away domestic instead of international. if interested, email me at wish4u2bu@gmail.com or, call /text me 401-536-1302 again, i am in the states only till early next week, consider this a good chance If you miss it this time, don't worry... Daryl Yeh is back in producing them smoothly. you can always contact him directly.
  2. " however, there are a lot varieties( even in SLG/ Single line glider) being brought into the world since skate/wala comparison was in the buzz. all the X -flyers and wonderful kites make the beauty of the SLK world. the spectrum is what we we are looking into.
  3. i have soft spots for both. skate is the first for me to fall in love with windless gliding. wala is the almost all around kite i can count on (very fun to fly in low and changing wind, and can hold its dignity in outdoor high wind). wala is a fun toy for young at heart. it can do fun tricks like a dolphin, and still can glide (just need a bit energy to get it started), not long but it does have the wide range ability to suit the kiter's mood. the advantage of its moderate pricing, wala has been used in high school program... very forgiving and covers enough range of flying for 22 teenage in one class. i would not use skate for my group lessons with teenagers but it is a suitable kite for people who are more sophisticated in their touch. they are pretty different in their flying characters. for specialty kites, each one reflect the designer's personal flavor..... single line gliders.... ah... so many kites, so little time.
  4. well, my son Wen grew up every summer flying kites at brenton point park. this summer, however, we have not even got that far to Brenton point. we plan to go this sunday though.... that is our favorite field with good friends and memory but a bit far in heat and humidity.
  5. some pictures from that event http://s1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb344/sharedmemory/LIFT%20moments/?start=all
  6. windless for sure... and it's also a hot and humid day. the woman who flew on her wheel chair with broken legs was sweating a lot and said she won't need to do physical therapy for the day.
  7. this one is in E.Greenwich, across from the Hill Top ice cream.
  8. http://s1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb344/sharedmemory/my%20kitelife/
  9. kiting in the chapel of a nursing home..... 10 yrs ago, i would have not imagined these words together 3 yrs ago, we started indoor flying 1 yr ago it was a clear vision and desire to fly for those who are less free to "go fly a kite" one season ago, my prayer was answered and a special kite was created for my loud request. today, "kiting in the chapel of a nursing home" is the title of my note. yes, we volunteered ourselves when we saw a chance to do so. with a commitment of a 20 minutes demo in the nursing home, we were invited to play out what we have been aksing for: fly in various space, for anyone who could use a LIFT (love in flight treatment). with some music that we thought would be suitable for the space and the audience, we start flying very gently as the residents rolled in on wheel chairs. we flew some and chat a little about kiting in fun memory and in new discovery as they were all very happily surprised to see how our kites glided with grace and tenderness. they ask all kind of questions and we brought the kites for them to touch and see closely. music rolling, i told them i will fly and they can talk about kites and anything while i am flying. in stead of a show, i want ito be a moment with contacts and sharing. as we were ready to end the session, i said if anyone wants to fly the kites, we would be happy to stick around. one lady on the wheel chair with both leg up in bundles said she might want to try that. the organzier quickly nudged her "where else you get such a chance to do that!" so she rolled herself in. i observed her movement and eagerness and we got her started with a migi 24'' wen had in hand. she was excited and trying hard to figure out her range and bearings of the space, line and kite. with a few trial and error, she was able to get enough feedback from the kite to learn rather quickly. soon enough she was having a great time flying the migi! we all cheered for her and jokingly said "how long have you been flying!" she yelled " i am doing tricks!" all laughters going around from witnessing her evolution in front of our eyes. we came to entertain the residents, share with them what we love, what we know and what we have. we finished the visit with a new chapter written and the story shared. in sharing a LIFT, we are always LIFTED.
  10. well, it was yesterday, but i would like to share it here anyway. yesterday in Brattleboro, we were on our way to Rhode Island. with an urge to get to the river, i drove along Rt 30 till i find a place to pull over and walked into the river. the river was very shallow and wide where we walked to the water. i was ecstatic seeing such a perfect condition for kite flying --- well, it's open, with trees along the river, beautiful scenery, crystal clear water with friendly rocks.... and, most of all, almost no wind. i took out "de tomaso superleggera" (urban ninjia B, made by Thomas Hovarth) to fly with #4 yellow line, first time in such a setting.... i walked into the river to have more clearing then start enjoying the gliding windless above the water, and light breeze (maybe) when it soared higher. perfectly satisfying. i was able to get it high enough that i could sit in the water and chill. i had so much fun and totally admire its flight. moments like this mark a great inspirational impression on my soul. after that, i took out my migi glider (30'', made by Sunny Lin) and use the same line the flight was amazing. most people take one look at the migi and imagine it is very fragile. well, i can tell you i flew it effortlessly for quite awhile and was able to shoot the pictures while flying..... i did, however, let it dip into the water for three times not necessarily unavoidable but mostly because i was handling the HandyCam in one hand while flying the kite in low/zero wind in the river. my good report is that the kite was not at all hurt and was able to fly out right away with a bit lift. great memory i have, on a quiet saturday morning in Brattleboro, VT. one stop on the road, not planned but better then planned.
  11. haven't been on the forum for long. i will tell you what i know about the current situation. the Zen glider john flew in the camas demo was a gift as our blessings for JB+TK's communion. it was designed by Sunny Lin and crafted by Daryl Yeh (Taiwan) small :wing span:19"; fold down to 13" Large: wing span:34", fold down to 22" (i don't have my medium any more, so go figure.) for the inquiry, Daryl Yeh can be reached via his youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/yehdaryl there is a waiting list for the zen gliders and Daryl is sorting out paypal thing. hope this post helps. yes, it is a wonderful glider that travels with me in my backpack. ps: i do enjoy flying this glider while sitting and had used it for teaching people who needs to fly sitting down. it brings great joy to those less mobile or simply like to fly in different ways.
  12. we enjoyed the whidbey island kite festival with great fun and excitement. now we will look into Lincoln city fall kite festival. yet to reserve the lodging.... hope the inspiration come within a week.
  13. dear T: enjoyed WSIKF? i still remember then. we are flying into seatle (closer to whidbey), 9/23. we've got the first night covered. now need to look into the rest of N.W. trip. after whidbey, we may drive to Vancouvor BC, canada to visit my sister's family. then we head down to your direction. have not figure out the detail and driving yet, my brain is still on the east coast. we have an unschooling conference this week then switch to Sep. any tips on where to stay for the LIncoln City fall kite festival? i have never been there. John F. talked me into this side of the trip. so looking forward flying with the N.W. flyers. we are very excited to be with you again, it has been almost 3 yrs. love Litsong
  14. hum... i have not been on for sometime and this seems quieter then i'd remembered. so we are two traveling artists/kiteflyers from Taiwan, spent our summer in North East. On our way back home this fall, we will visit Whidbey Island and Lincoln City Fall Kite festivals. we would love to visit local flyers or host family during our N.W. trip. if anyone is interested in putting us up, we are really easy guests who are happy to meet the locals. we will have a rental car so pretty much independent. would love to hear from anyone who is up for hosting us. if not, we will see you there. Litsong Lu web.me.com/wish4u2bu wherever you go, there you fly. also on facebook
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