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  1. Oh and I almost forgot the NYM standard and mid vent I accidentally purchased ( couldn't resist ) - one of the smoothest fliers in the entire range for me.( this REv business can be quite addictive )
  2. As a relative newbie to the wonderful world of Rev flying ( only 2 years under my belt ) though have been flying dualies and power kites for many years .... I went into Rev flying and purchasing totally uninformed ( should have joined kitelife a long time ago ). I started with a Rev standard, followed closely by a full vent and although they both get plenty of flight time -it's the mid vent B series that's gets most of action these days - but What you go for is completely dependent on where you fly and the conditions you fly in . If really want to cover yourself for almost all eventualities ( and fun flying ) I added a Zen and a B2 vented to my collection . Now I'm just holdimg off until I can justify matching Pro standard, mid vent and full vent . Re availability in Germany - we have the same issue here in the UK so tbh I usually bring them over from Dave S at Huntingdon beach who always has a great range on offer and has some nice custom options which you just don't get over here . Happy flying
  3. WOW ! A very happy new kite winner here! Cannot wait to get it in the air ! Thank you John / Kitelife and for the many posts of congratulations! Happy flying everyone.
  4. Hi Being a relative newbie - wondered if any fellow Rev flyers in the Cambridge area of the UK as struggling to find local club to improve my skills . Thanks Marcus
  5. Thanks everyone for all the great advice - being a relative newbie ( although am already a self confessed Rev addict ) it's great to be part of this community . Have just heard back from Dave Shenkman @ kite connection and he is sorting and sending some over so have opted for the easier route this time . Will consider doing myself next time now that I've got your comments and tips. Thanks again for the help
  6. Hi all Just wondered if anyone has any good tips or can point me in direction on how to shorten Laser Pro quad lines . Impossible to get 30ft or 50ft lines over here in the UK and having difficulty in getting any shipped over from US so as I have a spare 120ft set thought could go about sorting myself but do not want to end up making a mess of it . Any suggestions really appreciated Thanks
  7. Badger6lr

    First rev

    Kev. Although I don't have one available to sell at the mo- noticed that brand new unopened b series has just appeared on ebay uk at over £100 off current uk retail price ... Maybe worth a look
  8. Welcome to the forums Badger6lr :)

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