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  1. Thanks. I will avoid any contact with SLK's
  2. I do a lot of flying with my rev on a field where there is often a great varity of kites, single line, dual, quad etc. I don't worry too much about getting crossed with flyers using spectra but there are frequently single line kites using cotton and braided dacron lines. Kids, especially, will take off running with a kite across the field without any clue that they are not the only one on the field. I have heard that a cotton or dacron line will cut your spectra lines easily. I try to avoid them but some days it gets pretty crowded. Anyone have any experience with having a spectra line set cut by another kite line? Theron
  3. Ron, I am new to revs also, as you know, but I agree with the full vent. I have flown it in winds down to probably 6 - 8 mph with a 3 wrap frame. When you make it down here to Whidbey I will let you try mine if the winds are high enough. I think it feels different in lower winds and it definitely slows down compared to the standard rev in lower winds. Theron
  4. Thanks for the input. I only have one set of handles for my rev so currently I have to swap kites. I often have a dual line kite set up also. The field where I fly can get busy especially on weekends. It is in a State park with old gun emplacements, a lighthouse plus a really nice beach. The field is large and the wind usually fairly steady. There can be lot of people walking around and it is amazing how unobservant they can be. I've had people walk into my lines even after I have told them "watch the lines." On days when our kite club has the monthly fun fly there can be 15 to 20 kites in the air and on the ground, and thats not counting the single line kites at the other end of the field, so you have to share space. Anyway I enjoy reading this forum and will keep on improving my flying. I am lucky to have a couple of excellent rev flyers who help me with flying so I am progressing fairly quickly.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Both methods appear to be better than the way I did it. I only have about 20 hours of flying experience with the rev and the other day was the first time I tried changing kites on the field.
  6. I was flying my standard B-series rev the other day when the wind picked up and I decided to put up my full vent. I tried to slide the vented kite in front of the standard and just swap lines but it ended up kind of a Keystone Kops routine with two kites flopping around and lines crossed etc. Luckily the field was deserted so there was no one to laugh at me, only the crows and bald eagles were present. Can someone give me some pointers on how to do this easily or at least so I don't look like a fool? I searched for a video but did not have any luck. Theron
  7. As another "old guy" and the OP I appreciate all the knowledge that is shared on this forum. I attached the pull tabs to my quad lines before flying yesterday and it makes packing up a lot easier. Thanks for the great ideas. Now I just have to attach the pull tabs to the rest of my line sets. us old retired buys need all the help we can get when it comes to being able to see and feel the larks head attachments.
  8. Thanks. I am a long time fly fisherman and too many knots can be your enemy causing line breakage and lost fish. I will give this a try. It will help especially on those colder days when my fingers don't want to work as well.
  9. I sometimes have difficulty removing the larks head knot from the bridle after a days flying. One of my fellow fliers ties an overhand knot in the end of the sleeving loop so you have something to get a hold of when removing the larks head. Any thoughts on this? Does it weaken the loop? It does make it a lot easier to remove the line set from the bridle especially if the wind is up and the larks head is tight.
  10. Welcome to the forums HDguy :)

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