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  1. Lol, actually, I was just speeding through past all the IM information in the profile and didn't even notice that there was a location entry. I'm looking for a club or association in my area anyway, so I don't mind posting here. I live in So. California, in the Inland Empire (Riverside specifically). I know that the UC Riverside campus has some strongish winds (5-10+ mph at all times) because they're on a hill, and there are some great places to fly on the campus, but I wouldn't fly there due to all the sudents. There's a great park near my fiance's house, so I think that will be my main p
  2. After days of googling, I'm coming up with ziltch in the area of kite clubs in the inland empire. The closest I can find is ventura. :X So, I wanted to ask if any of you with more experience in kiting know of a kite association/club that meets in the inland empire area (orange county, moreno valley, riverside, ontario, san bernadino, corona, etc). I would be so grateful if anyone could help me out with this! Thanks!
  3. Thanks a ton for your replies~ The reason I got this kite is because, since it's my first and I have limited funds, I wanted to get a non-Toys-R-US kite at $40 or less. With shipping, mthis came to just a hair over 40, and a couple of people reccomended it above some others in the price range. Since it's my first, I don't really need it to be able to do much more than loops and stuff, I think. I'm just excited about getting into kites. My fiance thinks this is a passing passion, but it's something I've been watching from afar for months. Can't wait to start flying! Thanks again for your h
  4. Hello, I'm very new to kites. I used to fly them when I was young in high winds--for southern california (y'know, the $5 grocery store ones). Well, we don't have very windy days aside from September when the Santa Ana winds blow through, and I have watched in awe as other people flew kites, and decided to get one of my own. I just recently purchased a Kamikazi Light Wind kite (Click Here) for a little less than this listing. I hope I made a good decision for our 2-5 MPH winds. I've been told that it's a good kite, and performs well even in higher winds. I haven't had lessons or anything,
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