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  1. hope your lad gets well soon...family first at all times👍
  2. I have no input on technique etc...you are way, way, way more advanced than me, loved the video. Always good to watch someone trying, learning and succeeding-brilliant stuff👍
  3. Great place and definitely helpful folk. Definitely worth cruising the older articles. Definitely worth subscribing for the video tutorials etc.....
  4. I ended up buying a spare rod from kite world, due with me on Friday👍. I saw the publicity for the Bridlington festival, unfortunately I was busy. Hoping to get along to the Filey Kite festival this weekend, their first one I think.
  5. Just been. Looking at the shops you have detailed, very helpful thankyou.
  6. Very decent of you thank you🪁😀
  7. Now that's a sound idea. I keep coming back to a northern kite group, but can't access their website , seems to be a common issue. I'll try a different browser when I get near a PC see if that helps. I haven't seen anyone round my area fly a kite for years. Seen a few up on the east coast but seem to be the bigger power kite type stuff. I thought there would have been a bit of a revival as it gets folk out and about and most outdoor hobbies seem to have a resurgence in popularity. I'll. to see what I can find, thank you for your replies much appreciated.🪁👍
  8. Hi everyone, hoping I aren't covering old ground here. So I've my had rev exp for a few weeks now , loving it great fun. But today it's a bit gusty and I've snapped a vertical spar..... Oh well it happens and I have the spare that came with the exp and I believe that can be used a sa. vertical spar or an end spar for the leading edge . Up and away again tomorrow👍 I've just looked for a source of spares in the uk or near to the uk and I am struggling to find anyone other than Kiteworld anyone use a different source for spares for the United Kingdom based flyer? I have asked this in the uk flyer forum but thought I'd ask a wider audience. ....Don't misunderstand this I have used kiteworld and had nothing but a good experience but just want alternatives if possible.
  9. Thankyou, I'll get the wife to have a look for me, I aren't on Facebook!!!! Think I might post this in the quad forum see if any one has any suggestions.
  10. Hello Uk Folks, flown / messed with kites for a few years....2 line hq jive was my last buy, just got a rev exp to play with had it a couple of months and with very limited opportunities to fly. Anyone around the East Yorkshire / Hull area? Does anyone have any tips on a source for rev exp frame spares (vertical rods) just broke my first one...😀
  11. Brilliant thanks for that Rickie. I'll give them a go when the wind drops tomorrow.....👍
  12. These look like an excellent mod. I’m looking at doing exactly the same with my exp handles. Hope you don’t mind me asking but what size plug/ screw did you use?
  13. Well having talked to a few and had a few forum queries I have bought a jive 2 should be here in the next couple of days,thanks for everyone's input, . have you cant be far from me I'm in Hull near the bridge .......
  14. Good Evening to everyone, I Want to buy my first stunt kite , since my original Peter Powell!!! I want to eventually get into tricks as well so I have a couple of ideas give me your feedback, want to spend around£100. Skydog. Jammin. Or dream on........ Prism Quantum......hypnotist Hq.....maestro 2 I would like to fly in as wide a range of wind conditions as possible So what do you think.......can't wait to get out there.
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