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  1. inthecloud

    Diamond Frame and JB/KL T-Shirt (9/15/16)

    Congrats Leslie !
  2. inthecloud

    Kymera (8/25/16)

    Congrats Rob !!! Ill take a SUL Skyburner Pro dancer off your hands now. LOL just kidding. Ill get one some day. Enjoy Brother !!! PS. Still fly and Love the Sea Devil UL and now She has an SUL and STD. to hang out with.
  3. inthecloud

    LB Quad Clinic: Beg-Exp (Jul 23-24, 2016)

    You and your family were sooooo fun. Well, everybody was sooo Great. You guys did very nice flying at night. The video is incredible !!! Go John !!! Bam !!! Wait Cardin, oh noooooooooo its Dylan and Cardin in kite wars. Where was that Pokeman kite? Here i am im going to bonk into you dude! Ha
  4. inthecloud

    Kymera (8/25/16)

    Dude!!!!! Dude !!!!!! . Awsome color combo. Good Luck Everyone!
  5. inthecloud

    Karma Quantum 7/12/2016

    Congrats on the Quantum.!!! Sweet kite and tough as nails.
  6. inthecloud

    WTB pretty much any beginner stunt kite

    Hi Happyspoon, A lot of people are using the Widow NG in clinics and lessons. They are by Premier kites. These folks are getting Very good using this kite to train. The Kite Shoppe has them for a Good price. Just google her. She ships . Mr. Barresi may have one? not sure. I have never tried one but heard a lot about them. Very good for a nice price.
  7. Cool Edmond !! Look tomorrow more and decide. Amazing !
  8. hI eDWARD. Cool Macaw and will you make a stake for me? As always......Thank you Wayne for the Great advice and kind words.
  9. Would like to buy a METAL kite stake with the Marble style top. 12 inches or whatever. PS I have a few Golf Ball plastic ones . ........... And tried a few companies that make the kind i want. and cant get them right now. So if You have one to send me???. Ka Bam PM me please. (color is not an issue) Has to be the marble style with metal shaft.. Thank you peeps.
  10. inthecloud

    B-Series STD Package (5/25/16)

    Congrats Norm !
  11. inthecloud

    F.S. Rev1's $135+

    Nice Collection !!!
  12. inthecloud

    Downsizing (SOLD)

    Congrats on the Dual team!!!
  13. inthecloud

    Karma - Prism 4D (4/23/16)

    CongratS Mike !!!
  14. inthecloud

    Crossfire Comp (4/10/16)

    Congrats and have fun !
  15. inthecloud

    A few kites SOLD

    Yes...Blue man Wayne did and showed me the mods. He is Way good at making something good really Great! Thank you Wayne!!!