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    just started getting in to quad line stunt kites from power kites
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  1. Your welcome he does duel line kites too if you fancy them , he also personally test flys all kites before sending to the customers so if he’s not happy with it your not get it till he is [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  2. If you are looking for a new quad then look up Adam Pallas of A.Pallas kite builder on Facebook I believe he’s in the northwest and as well as being a great guy he builds fantastic kites at very competitive prices , top workmanship and customer services Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  3. I’ve had a response and they’ve suggested Decathlon for rods I’ve had a look and found this https://www.kiteworld.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000004.pl?WD=carbon rods&PN=Rev-EXP-Spare-Rods.html#SID=79
  4. Oh I’ve asked on your behalf in the “ northern kites group “ if there is anybody with a spare spar for an EXP I hope you don’t mind , if I get a response I’ll figure out a way to put you both in contact 😊
  5. Your welcome to the advice I can give and while your wife is on Facebook looking for the quad line kite group she can look up the northern kite group they are on there too and a very happy helpful bunch they are too in fact there is a kite festival on this weekend at Bridlington I believe
  6. That’s also a good idea another option could be to search for a club near you and ask them most clubs can be found on the internet
  7. There is “quad line kites” group on Facebook that’s a good place to ask
  8. Hi Fubar im in Gloucestershire
  9. View Advert pan ying eagle hi all I'm very interested in getting a pan ying or similar to fly in the uk Advertiser kevmort Date 04/18/2020 Price $0.01 Category Kites (Single Line) Brand Model

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    hi all I'm very interested in getting a pan ying or similar to fly in the uk


    - GB

  11. Hi guys and girls I’m looking for advice one to make shore I’m saying it’s this kind of kite I mean and where I can get a pan ying falcon kite with line and spool in the UK Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  12. Hi higgo this is a funny old time at the moment may I suggest you look up the northern kite group great bunch and very helpful I think there the closest to you I believe in the mean time if you watch quad flying try and watch the flyers hands I too started with power kites then moved to quads and duels 😊
  13. Oh boy oh boy oh boy good luck to one and all 😊
  14. kevmort


    Yes I’m now a member of STACK and taken out the additional insurance for solo flying for the same price as my old power kite insurance, STACK also on top of that offer an additional insurance for competitive flying too 😊
  15. kevmort


    Thank you jay ive looked into it and have now found STACK that do the same and have put my application into them 😊
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