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  1. I'm in. If a last minute effort to add my name to the list isn't a day late and forum post short!
  2. Any kite a spouse can appreciate is a kite that needs to be in your bag!
  3. Brucefucius say: Wise man use words Level One Vented Kite On Path of Images and follow the Google way to enlightenment. (Though wise man still can't axel, doh!)
  4. No problem. I guess I'm sort of an Internet Savant or something. My wife tries to find stuff all the time and it always takes me only a couple minutes to find stuff she's killed a lot of time searching for.
  5. Dang, made a wisecrack before I searched the net and look what I found 1 minute later! http://ftp.techline.com/oceanshoreskites/ocean_shores_kites_024.htm Also found a review of the standard version. http://www.kitepower.com/reviews/highlevelreview.html From one of the links: High Level Vented by Level One $169.95 USD Wingspan 82" Windrange 7-30 MPH Awesome precision and tricks in high wind. Flys and feels like the standard. Excellent for pairs flying or freestyle.
  6. I'd be willing to take it off your hands and study it in detail until I am able to resolve this conundrum. Cool looking kite!
  7. I think 6/1 is a whole 'nother day away if I'm not mistaken. Either that or those damn aliens got me again and I missed an entire day this time!
  8. I'm in. That got me thinking....
  9. Geezes! Were the genes of this kite spliced with some of those glowing jellyfish genes? I'd like to see a photo of this thing under black light!
  10. That's awesome! I love it when someone has so many kites they can't keep'em straight!
  11. I'm in - Hot pink on a hot kite, I guess that works!
  12. Congrats Makatakam, hope you have a great time with it. Also want to thank mtgrizzly52 for making me aware of such an intriguing kite design. I was having a hard time figuring out what I could give up out of my kite bag anyway!
  13. Yay! It's almost time! Trying to figure out how I plan to pay the karma forward is a nice problem to have!
  14. Glad I finally noticed this event. I almost missed it but plan to attend. It'll be nice to meet some of you.
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