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    Dual line, large delta, KAP, and looking to start trying out quadline.
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    United States
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    Large delta, KAP, dual line and thinking about stepping into the quadline obsession.
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  1. Interesting to watch a nonrev video. Looks like fun!!!
  2. Welcome to the forums centralatl :)

    1. centralatl


      Thanks for the welcome, John. I plan to crawl the topics and pages to see what I can learn about quad line kiting. I'm looking to purchase my first, just not sure what to get: HQ mojo, Freilin Windrunner, or Revolution. I have a limited budget of 200 bucks to start. I have read a couple forum post discussing buying US made vs. import but I'm looking for some additional wisdom from experienced quad line flyers.

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      You're in the right place, lots of good folks here - will get a fair range of feedback. ;)

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