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  1. Well last week I was trying to repair the leading edge elbow on my prism 3d and managed to punch the le rod thru the pocket in the bottom of the kite. Packed it all up sent it to prism for repair and got it back 4 days later just before my trip to San Diego; unpacked it all and the upper spreader is missing. FACEPALM. I must have misplaced it somewhere
  2. DcnLarry, so you ended up winning the auction for this kite on ebay? if so good deal for you.. i'm jealous
  3. here is a pic of my quantum with the 75ft tube tail.
  4. ahh this sucks.... I guess it just takes one IRL lesson to let us realize how hard that wind is blowing so we can make that decision to put the kite away.. A month back I snapped the lines on my Quantum, that made me open my eyes and now I really pay attention to the wind.. hopefully you can get that replacement part soon. Good Luck out there buddy
  5. Yeah I would like this but I'm with brian on this one.. NEED MOAR MONIES!!!
  6. I might be there.. I have a hotel booked in Astoria, oregon Sunday thru Wednesday. We will see how the flight prices pan out..
  7. Soon grasshopper soon.. wind has not be cooperating.
  8. yeah great story, sometimes I would just like to be by myself without anyone watching and my tunes blaring.
  9. Sparkie I'd be interested in that pic, sounds like a good idea.
  10. I'm going to post videos as I do them if anyone wants to watch them.
  11. I have a lime blue lime exp rev on order from awoc, I cant wait.
  12. My next kite is a Skyburner Solus Ec UL. It is on order as I type!!
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