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  1. Thanks. that was my kite he was flying "was"i sold it to him now i miss it i have a supersonic vent its so easy on your wrist but it wants alot of wind and i dont get alot over her unless i go to the beach or berkeley. I now learning how to fly a duel line kite for its tricks its so cool to to know how to fly duel lines and quad lines.
  2. hello there havent been on for awhile sorry but i made this a while ago. my friend was flying at Berkeley Fest.. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8344349915874261819
  3. Ya nice to meet you as well youre a great flyer!!!! I downloaded all of RandyG videos and put them on my ipod so i can watch them out on the field hhahah... I'm started to get the half axel down almost. But it was great seeing you fly in person and talking to you.. Ya i got somemore videos i took of my friens flying a rev so when im done with it i'll post it up... Ya the Opera and the sea devil is my next 2 kites they look great in the sky when u do all those tricks the Nirvana i may also get but till then i keep learning on my Quantum Pro lol
  4. ok this is kind of my first video i made. taken at berkeley kite fest this year its 3 video put into one. Some of you might know the flyer his a great flyer glad i meet him. Tell me want you think i kind of like the song i put in lol Opera in Flight
  5. Thanks now i got to learn tricks for this kite going to take sometime but thats the fun part. Yeah i'll see you at Berkeley..
  6. My first time posting here but been reading all kind of stuff about kite flying so i guess i post my first dual line kite.. Custom Quantum Pro.. I dont usely fly dual im a rev guy but hey i need new things to do... I got some pictures of some Rev kite on www.revkites.com user name LaZARuZ... http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/8031/quan...aldesignff3.jpg
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