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  1. Thanks guys, I've PM'd him on Facebook
  2. You guys are all so helpful- thanks. What exactly am I looking at in the photo you linked there, Brett? It looks like there is suspended/tension line in the handle (softens the feel, maybe?)... or is that a crazy way of wrapping up the line on the stiff handle? Maybe it's just a early 90's marketing attempt? Whatever the x handles are, they sure look unique. Do you feel like they helped fly the kite differently than a straight stick handle would? I'm more curious than ever about those x handles!
  3. The bridle is still connected to the kite, I need the line dimensions (or just the distance that the top lines differ from the bottom lines) but also just handle dimensions. From what I've seen the handles are a little different than rev style handles and their curves compound with the line lengths to make even greater difference in the distance the top line is from the bottom line. Or, perhaps, I'm making a bigger deal out of it than I should and just bend my wrists enough to get the quad to fly right I'm just not the best quad flyer in the first place and I'd like to get the kite set
  4. Hey Bob, My grandpa has since passed away leaving me with the Deca and his 25ish other kites (plus my own collection). I've got a North Shore Radical, a six stack of Revs and many other classics from the 80's and 90's. I'm pretty full of kites but I do need lines for the Deca still. Even if you just have good photos or even dimensions with line lengths (I've heard that they are different by I'm not sure by how much) that would help me build some of my own.
  5. Post pics of the maiden flight, Steve!
  6. I'm probably going to win this. Optimisms, right?
  7. Mission complete! I spent more hours than I'd like to admit researching, talking with people, and finally re-tying every line multiple times to get the tension just right. Getting the tension right was a matter of feeling the sail, measuring the webbing, and even plucking the strings- that's right, there is so much tension built into this kite that you can actually pluck the strings to hear how equal the elements are! Turns out my kite is a Deca 6 and is a version that was manufactured by Invento kites during a brief partnership between their company and GuildWorks. The spars reading "The
  8. Awesome, thanks so much for finding those links! I'll also see if I can connect with Steve Anderson, that is a great idea. For you guys that are more experienced in repairing kites, Any ideas on what I could use to replace the large bowed center spreader? In the actual kite, this is a very flexible wrapped tube. I'm going to use Rev spars to replace some of the other missing parts but I'm not sure what will work the best for the main rib.... maybe my best bet is to use a fiberglass tent rod...I'm not sure..
  9. I just read up on the history, really interesting. I think Grandpa's kites are some of the early 1992 models... he's got a six kite stack of the same model in his basement According to him, "only flown once, drug me right off the field".
  10. Hi Guys, I was going through my grandpa's old kites awhile ago and I found a really cool quad called a Synergy Deca by Guildworks. The problem is that this quad is the most confusing kite I have ever seen. Problems with putting it together are made worse by the fact that I'm pretty sure half the spars are missing/broken. I really want to build and fly this kite. I've written to GuildWorks (who apparently builds big fabric art awnings now) with no reply. I've scoured the internet but I can't find anyone that actually has this early model kite, and while there are some other GuildWorks kite vi
  11. Here is the hero shot, we didn't get any of the Micro but there will be plenty more flights (crappy Utah wind willing) to come
  12. Guys! I just flew my first Rev. I've been a dual line guy for awhile (other than a big foil I have set up as a quad) but I took my grandpa's Rev 1 out today. After a couple minutes understanding how to get the kite back after it flies to the edge of the envelope, I fell in love. Super rad kite and now I finally understand the quad line craze. The power of being able to put the kite anywhere in the sky is incredible! I've still got a lot of learning to go but I've now started my journey. Today was also my first flight of a Prism Micro. The first words out of both me and my wife's mouth on take
  13. I've also traveled with a Quantum. As I passed through security, I got the ruff "is that a pool cue!? Cuz you can't have a pool cue!" I said it was a kite and walked right by. I actually also had the bigger prism snapshot with me too. My lap was full of kites but is was only a few hour ride.
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