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  1. Hello, I still have a few kites left I am looking to sell. I have lowered the price on them and will also ship to the USA for free so these are a great deal. I have barely used them and will include all info below. HQ symphony 1.7TR, color green, comes with everything. Brand new never flown $45. SOLD New Teck kites Desire Ultra Light. color blue/black, comes with everything, flown only 4 or 5 times $85 HQ Beamer 5 meter 5th gen. color blue, comes with everything. flown 1 time. $220. SOLD HQ Rush pro 350 4th gen. color blue, comes with everything. flown 4 times. $110 Any questions just let me k
  2. Ive updated the sold stuff, so some of the #'s have changed.
  3. Dcnlarry/ I have to hold off on the 9ft delta for now, but I will put you on list and get back to you. Thanks, Steve
  4. I'm in clayton nc, right outside of raliegh nc. I can meet you somewhere if you are local.
  5. Frenetic. I think I still have them. I will double check and get back to you in the next day or two. Sorry for the late response, I haven't checked the forum in a while
  6. yes it was a typo. I have 44 issues of American Kiting from 1988-1999 10 issues of AKA magazine from 2004-2013
  7. Hello All. I have a bunch of kites for sale. I purchased way to many over the past 8 months and just don't have the time to fly them all like I would want to. So I am thinning out my collection. Most of this is brand new or just flown a few times. complete = bag, lines,handles if that's what originally came with it. Prism EO Atom. complete. rainbow. flown 2 times $20 HQ symphony 1.7TR. lines,handle,bag. green. brand new never flown $60 x-kites red baron plane. complete. brand new never flown $10 new teck kites desire ultra light. complete. blue/blk. flown 4 times $100 HQ beamer 5 meter 5th gen
  8. Welcome to the forums steve_the_tiger, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

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