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  1. That's the one kite trick I was never able to pull off... To justify buying a new kite. 😁
  2. I found that not all tails work the same. A simple tube works different than a drogue. Try a different one, if you do find the bridle balanced.
  3. If you've got the standard, you're already carrying there about 35 grams, which is a lot for any kite... I took out the end brass weight on mine, and it performed better for me.
  4. It's quite noticeable, to the point where the kite changes flight characteristics. Some tricks I found much easier on the 95%, such as Crazy Copter and Yo-Fade, also the Taz is different. The kite is a little faster, which is expected, and lighter on the lines, needs lighter inputs too, but it's less forgiving. It's one of the 3 kites to come out of my bag regularly.
  5. The return is much smaller, but and then should be faster or at least more agile, haven't made one myself. I did make two SS, regular and a 95% one, both are incredible kites, in their own way.
  6. I suggest the Sixth Sense. Middle ish inputs, very forgiving, open source so normally would be cheaper. Big and slow.
  7. Try Handbrake to convert files to mp4 Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
  8. It's usually a good way to learn a trick by figuring it out first at 6 feet before the window's edge, on good steady wind. The half axle is where I learned the difference between a pull, a pop, and a flick, and the difference between using my arm, my wrist and my fingers. Try push, pop and flick, upper wing, upper wing and lower wing, accordingly. Good luck! Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
  9. I started with Dodd Gross 6 step tutorial (find on YouTube) and moved my way up from there. The Jammin' is great for it. Keep a few basics to ease your start: good long enough even lines, kite well assembled, smooth steady wind of about 10-17 kmh coming over about half a mile of empty leveled plain, zero obstacles in your wind window. If any of these don't make sense, use the search to find specific details about them, or ask. Best of luck.
  10. I'm guessing around 20 euros. Oh, but this is no longer for 175 USD, plus shipping. Asking price is 180 USD, or 175 euros, including shipping . Please read all past post and see pictures for details. Feel free to pm for more details.
  11. Yup, that sounds about right for an ATM SUL frame. finding an SUL that you like is hard. Maybe a 2nd hand Tattoo? HA! Have you seen JB fly?? Actually I prefer to always be walking, back or forward, or sideways, that way the balance is always maintained, slowing down or speeding up.. like a human Gyro, always spinning..
  12. And apparently, one Z over here too, right@hyzakite? [emoji6]
  13. BTW, there's a used Zephyr on Facebook for sale. In my experience the upper spreader removal works best to get lower wind range on full kites that have heavy, 5mm spars there. But as Rob pointed out, it compromises the frame's structural integrity. What's the frame on your ATM?
  14. A very fortunate situation, I would call it! [emoji38] [emoji41] True, kitebuilder.com is a good resource, but not so much for dualline. For those there are better. I'm currently in the process of building my second dualline. Start with a website called Tom's kite building site, where you'll find a lot of those questions answered. PM me for more websites. Good luck!
  15. The Sky Burner line seems to be on hold as they are putting a new one together, I guess. Build quality is quite renowned. The Aura UL is low and tricks nicely. The Solus UL could be a nice choice too. From Lam Hoac there's an assortment of UL and tricky SUL kites in that range, which I'm sure many would whole heartedly recommend, I'm just not that sure I'm a fan of his kool-aid... I'm more about European ones. And there are plenty to fit every taste. Nirvana N3E LW, Seven UL, DeepSpace UL, TNT UL, Aventador UL and on and on. And of course the open source kites are amazing and can be built to top quality in not that expensive price tags. My personal favorite is the Sixth Sense pro, which goes down very nicely to 3mph. Currently I'm in the process of building myself a Vortex UL, which should be quite pitchy and low in its wind range. As I said, good luck... Trying to pick one [emoji6]
  16. The Quantum is a heavy kite, and its low end range is mid range for many std kites. So the question is really what wind speeds are you dealing with. Inland wind is tricky and bumpy, and the lower it gets, less low wind kites are able to handle it. Getting an SUL for an intermediate flier on low inland winds is something I would recommend against. For flying around and doing the odd trick, like Axles, Fades, possibly a Backspin or 540's and Flic Flacs, you need something light and sturdy, which is hard to come by, maybe the Shadow, or the Zephyr. Having said all that, there are a few kites I would recommend if you see yourself investing in trick learning, but non are HQ or Prism. Those would be towards the boutique type kites, and they are worth the investment, if you see yourself investing in trick learning. Good luck!
  17. You shouldn't go for spray at all, if you're thinking of peeling it off one day. That's also what I meant by laying it right. I did this with a few of my kites. I found that if I DON'T thin it down with anything, I can dip the nose, and it will stay on but won't penetrate the webbing so much as I cannot peel most of it, if not all of it, off. This is a kite altering process, never the less, and should be regarded as such. It's my personal opinion that if you don't want to take the risk of changing the way the kite was initially built, even in the slightest, you should not engage in this method. Results may be irreversible. Good luck.
  18. The nose job I did on my Widow NG held well under my hands. Passing to another learning pilot managed another six months or so before the spine popped through, after a death defying nose dive. Luckily by this point I had already the skill to replace the nose all together for him. I do believe it helps on beginners' learning curve to preserve a kite nose as much as the poor thing can handle. Also, if you lay it right to begin with, you can peel it off if you don't want it anymore.
  19. Can't go wrong on both for beginners, though, as many threads here would probably suggest, the Quantum can take a beating better, and so better choice for a complete novice. Had both, loved both. Good luck!
  20. "Tenacious Tape" works for me. Very thin,light and strong.
  21. So this is a question I've been fiddling with for a while. It really depends on what you plan to do with the footage, I believe. For personal improvement, some people place the camera at their back and up high enough so they can see both hand movements and kite performance. For your standard "VF" type of clips, when you want a short film demonstrating the most of your abilities, with little reference to yourself, and a lot to the kite, a regular DSLR or a GoPro type camera, both on a short stand in front of you would do the trick. It should be pointed out that the GoPro makes the kite look much smaller than with the DSLR, but allows a bigger filming window. Normally I would use a Gorilla stand standing on the roof of my vehicle, with either my phone, or an action camera, and film from the side or the back of the kite, or a few meters in front of me, to allow more field but less me. I like videos with multiple angles, like the ones of KarelOh, I feel it gives you a better sense and feel of the trick, and the kite's abilities. I've used a GoPro type action camera, a Xiaomi Yi, in two clips I've made, mounted on the kite itself, for the purpose of giving kite tricks a new perspective.
  22. But then you have the whole shipping issue... Which to my country, I might as well fly out and get it personally...
  23. Such a gentle giant... With a (relatively) short keel like this I bet it can do flic flacs and maybe even yoyos, though it might end catastrophically.. No guts no glory!! Though on any of these, inputs have got to be ridiculous... I'm talking about running back and forth, and using your full arms length just to do a snap stall
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