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  1. Thanks guys! Dorsal, that is a great post,I have been checking to make sure the bridle is free of the frame. The first time I assembled the kite out of the box I did miss that. As I look at the bridle using your tips it appears even all around, but I notice even after I adjusted it the other day, the kite hangs level. I will bring the nose up a hair and try again. This must have been the trouble all along! And remember, this is after I adjusted the bridle... And yes I found out about the lines getting a bit bloody!.. I'll wear my cycling gloves if I ever try that again. We are supposed to get T-storms today maybe I can get some time in before they hit. P.S.I mentioned in the first post that I had purchased a dual line kite in the late 80s, I had to assemble everything on that kite. the lines, all of it.We could never get it to fly! I tried at every softball game I played...nothing. The internet really has changed the way we live,It's so nice to find folks that share the same intrests and that can give you advice as you learn Thank you again!
  2. Finally! I got her into the air for more than 2 minutes at a time!! WooHoo! I did give it a little noseward trim, but today it was Windy... Isn't it frustrating how it's "blowin' like a bandit" all day while you are at work, all through the drive.... But by the time you get home....I got lucky. It was still breezy enough to get airborne and stay that way. I still had to walk up the lines and fly it by finger till I got some height... That needs to be addressed. I can't get Rocky Mountain kite club to call me/e=mail me back, I was hoping to hang out with them till I can really fly this thing. Steve
  3. I was thinking the theme from "Jonny Quest" ..the old one(at least for my flying) I think Peruvian Pan Pipes or ("PPP" from now on) Are good for single line floaters and soarers. I'm thinking Jazz...for the duals.. Pat Metheny.. Spyrogyra.... Steve
  4. Yikes. I really thought the airy pan pipe stuff would touch a "chord"(arrh arrh) Living in Colorado the Mountains and the winds seem to be kind of a magical place. I feel like such an idiot...but I'm not a "newbie" to that feeling Maybe there is sitting in the office kite music,..and then there is "Flying" music... I figure half this crap is in the mind's eye anyway. Why else would we race children to the really cool toys? Steve
  5. As I sit at work...thinking about flying my kite.. I was also thinking about music..how many of you listen to music as you fly? I was thinking peruvian pan pipes...it's a little slow...but ...man the power! I flew the delta kite yesterday just so I could get something in the air...and flying is kinda primal,..and this music makes me think about some folks who actually flew ancient kites. Do you think it was watching the Condors floating...? Sorry, I'm a historian...and a monkey Steve
  6. You might have nailed the problem. At home I live at the north edge of the Denver Tech Center. I was downtown Sunday(in both cases I was surrounded by trees bordering the park, and distant buildings..) This really is bugging me, I can fly my 5.00 delta right out of my hand,I'd like to think I have the brains and the dexterity to fly this thing... I'll start looking for open fields around here. Thanks for the patience and help. Steve
  7. Thanks, Kent. Yup that is what I think needs to be done. I was flying in downtown Denver in a little 360 degree park.It's good it was a circle 'cuz the wind was backing and veering the whole time..lol I had some decent breezes but it seemed the heaviest were when I was away from the kite doing adjustments,etc. I'm wanting a very windy time so I can tell if it's me or the bloody bridle. What I did sunday was walk up the lines towards the kite(leaving the handles on the ground behind me),when the wind picked up, I grabbed ahold of the lines and flew from there..I got quite a bit of air time that way, and I was able to give her more line as the winds would allow. All the purists are puking,but it worked for me in the winds I had... Steve
  8. I mean "first" kite. I was 6 in '66 and it was a new design, a bat or a firebird kite..It was a delta with red and black scalloped wings...I flew that thing so much it wore out in two weeks, dad ran a grabbed another one for me. I think that kite is why I'm back doing this again. I loved flying kites at 6 and at 46, I love it again... Steve
  9. Had some decent breezes this aft. it was 100 something degrees though... The only way I could get the kite in the air was to get very close to the kite 2 or 3 feet! And fly it that way, I let out line as it would take it, not very satisifying, but she was in the air! I think I need to adjust the bridles noseward a touch to inprove light air ability...but I'm hesitant. Steve
  10. Wow, those are a hoot! Very inspirational, You have a great deal of skill! Steve
  11. I'm going to try getting closer to the kite this morning...(I will try using about 60' of line.) Anybody know what kind of sacrifice the wind gods will want? (It's very still this morning) Steve
  12. Yikes,...more hobbies to feel guilty about not doing... What do "kite people" do? I live next to a decent city park (Denver Tech Center)...so if I "go out and bring my kite"... It's not a big deal if the winds forsake me... How do you folks deal with a destination kind of drive? Do you drag out the R/C B-17s?...I was feeling 'kinda silly standing upwind of the kite,waiting for a breeze. This hobby involves more than just showing up, It's like astromony...but not quite...we really are at the mercy of the winds... Steve
  13. The wind mocks me.... It was a very windy afternoon and I blew it! I was baking bread, talked myself outta going then.. getting dark, still windy, time for me to start cooking...pork loin takes a while to get it right....so I talked/cooked myself out of some really good flying weather. Today? no wind..none...I have plants on the balcony that let me know if it's getting windy... I'll try again tonight... Steve
  14. Thanks, Kent and Dorsal. I understand the complexities involved in the replies, and I will get back out there. I'm glad I didn't get a bad kite. I was a trifle worried there. I was hoping it wasn't too much kite for me.... I did use a big screwdriver as a stake,I couldn't figure out how I could get the lines even without using one I'm going to leave the bridle stricktly alone untill I figure out it's not me keeping the kite out of the air..lol (it seems very even),and I was careful in the kite's assembly as I could see how many variables would affect flyability.. This kite has a long plastic tail I neglected to mention that, I didn't think it would hurt to leave it on,so I did. If we have wind tonight, or early this morning I'll get back at it! Steve
  15. Hi folks. I'm Steve, this is my first post , first kite since I was 6. I'm 40 years older now.... I got a 3 dollar delta the other day, had a ball, it was easy to launch out of my hand, all was good. I stepped up to a Dual line Ignitor and was trying to launch it this morning( wind was spotty under 10 mph for most of the time). I finally gave up after 40 mins I never got higher than a few feet and she went in after a few seconds. I was pretty carefull with the line lenghts being even, I payed out all my line...around 80' or so. I tried to keep my hand movements small and careful. I tried to gently pull on the opposite line from the way the kite turned. I'm a mod on a slot car board,so I know how tedious these beginner questions can get.. I'll give you any further info you need. I'd like to get good at this sport, I don't expect to do a bunch of tricks in one day, I just wanna get flying. Thoughts? Thanks, Steve
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