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  1. can you text me pics please.



    Blk/red mid vent


  2. ShaneR

    New Rev

    She told me the same thing, just don't know when it will be available.
  3. Sweet, I could use another Kymera for my son.
  4. ShaneR

    New Rev

    Ok. Maybe I was not clear. The NEW REFLEX is a 1.5 which is not in production so no one has been able to measure it with any thing. There will now be two Reflex's one being the normal size every one has seen and the new one which no one has seen is a 1.5, for people that like the 1.5 size. Back to your normal programming. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. ShaneR

    New Rev

    It was a prototype of a Reflex 1.5. Not the original Reflex. Brand new kite!!
  6. ShaneR

    New Rev

    I went to San Diego this weekend and I saw a new toy Revolution is putting out. It is a 1.5 Reflex. I was probably the third person to put eyes on it. Joe brought it out to test it out as it had never been flown before. Looked very locked in and performed great. Also I understand all frames are interchangeable with other 1.5 Revs. Love this company! I also understand it will be at Longbeach.
  7. Looking for a larger kite bag to carry a hard hat, heavy coat and bandages so I can fly in San Diego.
  8. I have been talking to them about these too. I love the look of these kites. They also said rev frames fit then too.
  9. Thank you both for posting. kwmf, so your saying the pro is better overall than the B series, or it is just better for you? I have not seen any pros for sale to see what the difference is.
  10. ShaneR

    Kymera questions

    Thank you John. I appreciate it.
  11. I bought a used Kymera from a kite shop and I was wondering about the weights. There are weights on the spine and there is one weight on the tail. I need to find out how to tune the kite with the weights and how I can get more weights I am missing. Thank you
  12. After a trip to San Diego a couple of years ago I fell in love with Quad line kites. I have been looking at them every since. I have not had the available money or time to do anything about my want so I waited. I have Watched JB do all kinds of kewl things with a quad and I wanted to be able to do half of what he can do. So, I bought a Reflex a few weeks ago and I have had a hard time getting out to fly it. I finally got time off work last week to go out but the winds were not all that great and I felt like an old man in a nursing home, I wanted to get it up cause all the signs were there but it just wouldn't happen. Come to find out I also had the springs on the wrong side. Needless to say I have not given up but in the meantime I was looking for a good ground stake and I found Ocean Shore Kites. Wonderful people there, and I talked myself into a Freilein Vertigo. What are your thoughts on this kite? I know it is not a Revolution but will it handle the knocks of a newbie for a year or so and do the fly as decent as a Revolution? Also I am going to be in San Diego on the 12-18th of August. I am planning on taking both the Reflex and the Vertigo with me. Is there a get together that weekend on the 12th any where near San Diego?
  13. I will be at work all day, but I will respond to your email telling me I won.
  14. Welcome to the forums ShaneR, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

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