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  1. Ken McNeill's final run of dual line kites at Blue Moon - the Mojo 9912. This one was made in my favorite colors - Red, Black, and White. This kite arrived, was pulled from the box and viewed without putting it together till today for pictures. I had to install the standoffs so it could pose properly. Therefore, it's unflown and in perfect condition/new condition. Stored upright, leading edge extended and not tensioned. I no longer fly dual line kites, my knees have made it hard to move about briskly on sand or grass. Now my recent foot injury has made me have second thoughts about flying dualies at all. $330 via no fee PayPal. Includes free shipping for the ConUS with insurance.
  2. Ken McNeil - Blue Moon Kites Mojo Standard This is the smoothest kite I have ever flown. I had two nirvana sessions on it before I blew out my knee back in 2008. At this time it needs to be flown. Ken McNeil - Blue Moon Kites Mojo Standard - excellent condition, flown twice on grass. KMac Colors in an asymmetrical pattern. $285 shipped to ConUS, no fee PayPal only.
  3. This is truly a collector set - Blue Moon Moonie Limited Editions - All kites in the set - Mamba #14, Mantis #7, Mongoose #7, Exile #7. The Mamba is the only one with air-time. It was flown once on a beach during the blue moon in August 2004. The other kites have never been flown. All in excellent condition, stored with the leading edges extended, not tensioned, no cats and non-smoker environment. I always thought I would have this set forever, however I feel it is the time to let these move on. I no longer fly dual line kites, my knees have made it hard to move about briskly on sand or grass. Now my recent foot injury has made me have second thoughts about flying dualies. I really want to keep these together as a set and in the hands of someone who will appreciate them for the art and artistry that they represent. Bluemoon Kites by Ken McNeill are no longer being produced. Ken's kites are made with build with quality and style. Recently I have seen another unflown Moonie go for $400. As I said I'd like to keep them together, I'd accept $395 each to include shipping and insurance to CONUS. No fee PayPal only. Photos will be posted later this week. Serious inquiries only please. Until I can get pictures taken, an example of the Moonie can be seen at Ken's Flickr site. https://www.flickr.com/photos/kenmcneill/with/1314196171/
  4. Reef, just order a set, install them, fly them. You will be calling Elliot and ordering more!
  5. Wayne, my Pending buyer has two days to get it finalized. I'll let you know how it shakes out.
  6. Back to the sq ft - cut and pasted from the Prism Website - 6.5 sq ft (0.6 sq m) It's not 2 square feet.
  7. The original post has been clarified, and yes. . . "I'm in"
  8. "I'm in" . . . I'd flip myself into this!
  9. They are guaranteed against getting lost too. From their website: If your Tilley Hat or Cap has been irretrievably lost, stolen or destroyed, within two years of the purchase date, you may replace it with the exact same style for one-half the present catalogue price, plus taxes and shipping. (If you want another style, we'll credit you 50% of the current catalogue price for the style you lost.)
  10. Phillippe, please check your messages here on the Forum. See the envelope at the very top of the page. I have responded there with shipping information and payment information. Hope to hear from you soon.
  11. Here's a set of B-Series Pro's. Made and signed by Bazzer. I currently have a full set of non-Pro's and this set is sitting unflown. I am currently recovering from a foot fracture and probable 12 weeks off work. These need to be loved and flown and not just sitting. They were made by Bazzer and are configured as follows: Standard - light leading edge fabric for a extra bit of light wind advantage, framed with Rev Race rods Mid-Vent - normal dacron LE, framed with Race rods Full Vent - normal dacron LE; framed with Strong Rev (4-wrap) rods Pro B Set I'd would like to sell them as a set but might consider splitting them after a few days. Pro B's list at $380 each, so they are $1,140 for the set. They need to be loved and flown, so the set's now $960, or sail only/frameless for $910, shipped CONUS, no fee PayPal only.
  12. Just setup a Kite display for AKA National Month at Woodridge Elementary in Bellevue, WA. Fun stuff complete with kites, kite pins, kite books, and old magazine articles. What do you have planned?
  13. Hey, RNG think low numbers and show us you can go there again. BTW I'll give it to an old dude who would really like it. His wife is learning to fly Rev's this year too, they'd love them
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