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  1. Thanks, both of you, for the suggestions. After a bit of thinking and review reading, I have decided to go with the Pyro XS. It sounds like a good kite that I can learn most of the basic tricks on (and is under $50!). When I get a bit better, I think I will move up to the French Connection.. which also sounds quite good, but a bit expensive for my taste at the moment. Thanks for you comment on the Micron as well.. they look like a blast to fly and really zip around.. which sounds like a lot of fun for me. I will wait until I have some more time under a dual line before I pick one up.
  2. Thanks Dorsal, I appreciate the input. I really love the idea of getting the big bang--it looks awesome and comes with a dvd. It's not that I saw a bad review.. it's that both of the reviews I have read have been negative in the areas of trickability.. which is what I plan to use the kite for. Can you recommend any other companies or specific kites I should be looking at? Thanks again, Doug
  3. Hey Everyone, I just recently got into flying kites. I have been flying a quad-line Beamer 2.5 for about a month now and am really enjoying kiting. Recently, I flew (and broke) a 7 dollar sport kite, and now I want something a little more advanced. I am looking to get into slack-line tricks, and want a kite that is very trickable but in the $100 USD-or-less range (but would consider spending upwards of $120 if I was really convinced). First-timer durability is not needed.. I am confident I will be able to keep the kite in the air, but need something that will survive the average bumps of l
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