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  1. All revs B series standard B series mid vent B series full vent Zen think it's time to add more
  2. Don't know about UK, but with the quality and workmanship you get from TKS line-set they are hard to beat, don't know how much more she may charge you to ship over seas. If I lived over there I would still buy from TKS.
  3. Man what a great day flying at Bellingham bay. Started with my Zen wind around 2 mph one hour later had to move on to my B-series Std winds at 7mph. 30 minutes later wind was up to 10 -12 mph moved to B-series mid vent, then an hour later winds at 15 mph completed the day using my B-series full vented. First time I used all four kites in one day. I was in kite heaven. Ron
  4. These are great, I tried to make my own and had a very hard time getting the spacing between the knots to match both leaders. With the knots on these leaders being about 3/4" apart, it makes for some excellent fine tuning. TK does an outstanding job on these, and in the future when I need more leaders it's a no-brainer Kitelife. Ron
  5. I notice a lot of the photos people have their kites unfolded and hanging on or sitting against the wall. Is it better to have them all set up versus being all folded up in the kite bag? Ron
  6. What do you guys suggest for the vertical rods? Ron
  7. Hey guys thanks for the feedback, I guess I was clear as mud in my post, the kites I have are B-series only (Standard sail, Mid vent and Full vent) No B2 at this time. I know it's going to be challenging to fly this bigger and slower kite compared to my 1.5's but if that's what it takes to fly in low wind, I'll just had to be real patient and persistent and not give up. I decided to go ahead and order the upgrade to the LE to the modified version of outer race rods and 2 wrap center. What you all said about it being rubbery and some of the videos I've seen you can really see the frame flex quite a bit got me thinking. This way if I don't like the soft frame, I can just install the modified LE and keep flying As always thanks for the great info Ron
  8. After getting a really nice bonus at work the opportunity was just right so earlier this week I placed an order for a Zen, should have it in about 8 weeks. I currently have 13" & 15" handles plan on using the 15" with the Zen as I understand you need bigger inputs. I have linesets of 50# @ 50', 75', 120' and 90# @ 75' & 120'. I ordered the Zen with just Zen rod for now with my knees surgery this last year I'm still a little flat footed for now, may upgrade to race rods outers and 2 wrap center for the leading edge. With my complete B-series set of kites this should cover all winds condition. I'm hoping to just pick up my bag and head out vs checking the local weather site for wind conditions and hope for stronger winds. So can you guys give me some insight as to what to do and what not to do, or any tips you have flying the Zen. As always thanks for the info that you guys supply on this Fourm it's priceless! Ron
  9. Mark It never dawned on me to try the tip bungees, will give that a try and go from there. Thanks Ron
  10. Hey guys Just got my b-series mid vent a couple weeks ago and every time I fly it I'm hearing and seeing a flutter on the sail right wing bottom edge inside of the spar. I've tried tightening up the bungee cords at the top of this saill, but sound is still there. I've tried using more break but that doesn't help either, I don't have this problem with my other b-series std and full vent kites. Could this be a defect during the manufacturing of this kite? As always I appreciate all the information I get here (it's priceless) Ron
  11. Hey folks should have looked a little longer before posting previous post. I found the info I was looking for on how to cinch down the leading edge. But I do have a question can someone tell me what is the wind range on this kite is, someone at the kite festival told me it was the older version. I found one site said 2 - 12 mph it seams a bit heavy to fly at 2 mph?
  12. Hey folks l won an older Prism Illusion in a raffle and can't find any instructions on how to tighten the leading edge. All I have is notch on the end of the spar a string that is attached to the sail material am I missing something. See the attached photo As always thanks for the help I get on this form you folks are great Ron
  13. Gangs all here just received my mid vent. Now I'm truly in Rev heaven. Ron
  14. rfcaddell

    My Rev

  15. What advantage does the 15 inch handles have over the 13 inch handles
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