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  1. Chet! How was the beach??? And the Magnum? Was great to meet you! Theresa I haven't gone yet. My family is coming from the east coast in 10 days, and we are going. I can't wait. It was nice meeting you and i appreciate the tips you gave me. I might ask here before I go again because im sure I will forget everything by then .
  2. Since I don't know much about kites I would like to ask you guys this question. Will having a bigger kite be funner then a smaller kite if i'm not going to be doing a lot of tricks ?
  3. The bigger the better. I don't know what kind of tricks I will be able to do anyways. I just see myself doing figure 8's etc. When I go to the coast I'm going with my family and we will be doing other things too, so I will only have like 4 hours to play around with it. But hopefully I will fall in love with it and go down more often to fly a kite.
  4. Chet, I have the Jump in stock at The Kite Shoppe. Theresa I will most likely give you a call this week. The only thing about the Jump that makes me think of getting something else is its size. 63" isnt huge, but it might work for me.
  5. Thanks for the links guys. I thought I was at that site yesterday but it was in a different language.
  6. I'm having a hard time finding information on this kite, on the net. Is it a new kite or an old? Thanks.
  7. The Actorbatx seem nice, but I don't think I could do any of the tricks that I have seen on videos of it. What is the easiest trick to learn
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I am having some trouble finding any video of the Jump.
  9. I don't know what kite I should get and hope that anyone here can help. I am looking to buy an inexpensive kite, because I don't get to fly it much. I am heading to the Oregon coast soon. I would like a kite that will fly in little wind and also in heavier wind. Seems like sometimes when I go to the coast it's either really windy or not. It must be a dual line and I don't think I will do many tricks, I just like to do the figure 8 and basic stuff like that. I would also like to fly it near the ground and do some flips, so Im sure it will get some minor crashes. Are the quad line kites hard for beginners? I liked how the revolution exp looked on youtube but don't know if it would be worth it for me to spend close to 200 bucks for something that I will only get hours of play on it. I like how it stopped really quick and looked very controllable spinning . Thanks for any info Added- Also the bigger the kite the better It would be for me. I want it to be wide. Also suggestions on where to buy the kite online.
  10. I didnt see the Acrobatx on that site am i just missing it or they dont carry it?
  11. Also if anyone could recomend a website that I can buy from that is reputable and wont rip me off..I am thinking of getting the Acrobatx or the big bang.Also i need to buy a Wren kite also.I was thinking if i just buy it now i could get a dvd that will show me some basics.I wont be able to try them untill i go but i would have a better idea.
  12. Just to talk more about kites I have made my choice and its between the Acrobatx and the Big Bang.I was sure i was gonna get the Acrobatx but now im just thinking more.Im curious to what people think would do for a newbie like myself.Rob posted a good post about the 2 im just looking for anyone elses opinion on these 2 ..I dont know any tricks and probably will buy the kite at the place im going to fly it so im not gonna get to learn any tricks from a dvd.I have any wind where i live so i couldnt practice at all.Thanks again.
  13. ChetR

    Sound tracks?

    I havent even bought a kite yet but am pretty sure what im getting.When i make it down to the coast im gonna bring my mp3 player and on it will be Lamb Of God..I cant wait.
  14. Please let us know how it works for you..Im also thinking of buying this kite..
  15. Thanks for the link.Im sure you guys get newbies in here all the time asking the same questions..I do have a question though.In the post you linked too the Acrobatx was suggested and i noticed that on a few websites it says its Intermediate to Advanced.Im i intermediate,I have never flown one before.Im pretty sure i can figure it out as i do for most things and thats half the fun..I just dont want to buy a kite that is over my skill...
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