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  1. It is 62 inches from ring point to ring point. There are no kite stores in my area. Could you recommend an online store?
  2. Thanks for the article links and the history of the maker. Very interesting. I am glad that bought it. Since the missing back cross rod was handmade of bass wood and notched to fit the rings does anyone know of a substitute that I could use? Not sure I could make a proper replacement.
  3. My son wanted a new kite becuase our old one broke. I have always bought cheap ones from a department stone and then just throw them away after a couple of uses. Our neighbor was having a yard sell and we stopped there on our way to walley world. The neigbor was selling what looked like a really nice kite so I bought it. It was handmade by someone named Ansel Toney that lived close to his parents. The flew it a couple of times and he got it after they died but never flew it. The kite is 30 years old but looks almost new. It is box delta that is 11 feet across. it was missing the back cross rod. It does not have a pocket for the rod just a couple of metal rings. The distance between the metal rings in 62 inches. Any help with what I need to buy and where I should by it would be appreciated. I live in central KY and we do not have any kite stores in our area. Here are some pictures that I hope will help. Thanks.
  4. Welcome to the forums Marks1, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

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