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  1. I already begged froggie to do some crockin on the mic...he is just to happy in his pond...besides llamaguy we don't get the chicks like you do...lol
  2. Hey John...hope you had a great birthday...geez I am old enough to be dad...you young pup you...thanks for all you do for kiting...anyway HAPPY HAPPY
  3. Got an email from now past president of Rogue Valley Windchasers here is what she said
  4. Eagleazure

    Larry Clark

    Hi Everyone, Yes are friend Larry has moved on , Sharon asked me to post in here and get the message out to everyone . Sharon said it was at 6:30 am Sunday which was the time Larry use to get up and have his coffee and check his emails one of his favorite times of the day . He was in no pain and Sharon said he went in peace. Sharon is still not sure when or where she will have a memorial yet , We Talked about maybe doing something in Lincoln City at the kite fest and Brookings. Sharon will let us know as soon as she can. I am really going to miss him....he was a great friend Soar with Eagles, Steve O'Brien
  5. Eagleazure

    Larry Clark

    Hi Folks, Here is an update on our friend Larry. He is still with us just can't let go yet , part of that may be because the pain med iv that they have him on is keeping fluids in his body. Larry has not ate or drank on his own for several days. Larry is still here in Eugene at Hospital . For the most part he seems to be out of pain Sharon has not gotten hardly any sleep in days . please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I tell Larry each day its ok for him to go soar with eagles. I sure will miss him when he moves on.....
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