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  1. The reve's are fun- but for now to get flying I would recommend the nexus from Prism they are sturdy and will take a lot of abuse. Plus if you have several people to purchase for- every one could have one.
  2. the pop launch is nice if you can get the timing and wind right.But I did fined that on the beach I ended up getting small cuts in the sail . A spotter is a nice thing to have.One thing I started doing is if I see it is going to come down belly down run forward a bit or push forward with my arms which usually put's my kite on its back. I still do the walk But that can be good some times just to give my kite the once over . good winds
  3. sky fish

    Vented kite

    I suppose that you could do that. But it may end up tearing you kite apart some materials would fray .also the frame work could brake if it could not handle the stress.Perhaps a more experienced flier could give you a better evaluation,If there is a lot of higher wind in your aria you might want to just get a vented kite if $ are short go to eBay for good used kites. have fun and keep your feet on the ground.
  4. May be a flier in locale windows or at parks in the aria . you could even ask some of the radio stations if thy will anonce it for free. .And or the paper may have free advertisement.Contact the kite and hobbies shop's in your aria also . Good luck and good wind
  5. If you have strong wind at some point you may wish to go with one of the vented kite's the venting cuts down on the pull .The Nexis is a great little kite for starters but you will soon out grow it if you want to do all the stunts .If how ever you are content to do loop De loos and figure eights than the Nexis would be a good choice and it would save you some $$ So the question is what do want from your a kite ? good wind's
  6. Well l if we can manage to get a few more in on this I am also wanting to do better axles and all that . Come on everyone let's make this happen. Good summer wind's And a beach weekend sound's like heaven.
  7. I have one of these and I think that they where a bit generous with the one mp it will fly in that range though you may need to walk a bit .It may work better if you have a consistent wind speed which alas I don't get to often. good wind's
  8. Is any one going to have a class here in the north west for stunt kite's ? how many off you newbies would like to take a class? may be if we let the more experienced flyer's know we could get one together So post your interest in a class. good winds
  9. first off let me welcome you to this post you will fined . A lot of great people here that are very help full with all there knowledge and willingness to pass it on. I hope you enjoy your prism kite that is a great first pick you will not feel the need to up grade in a month . enjoy and good winds to you
  10. As a newer flier it may be easer to go from two lines to four . I have not done the four yet. I would recommend a prism kite in my opinion from my experience the silver fox they cant handle much with out breaking they do fly well but you might as well plan on having to replace parts . I like my E2 just fine it will flips and rolls its only limitations are mine . but maybe the quantum needs to be in my bag to Ha Ha .
  11. Theresa is great She is fixing up my silver foxes with the good stuff .So I don't have some thing break every time I fly.In my opinion The carbon they use for there kites must be the cheepist stuff on the planet . My prism kite's though suffered through all my newbie crashes with never a broken rod torn sail or parts falling off. good winds to all
  12. Hi Ron would like me to help him stack those cherry bombs but I don't have a clue can any one help??
  13. I broke the lower spreader on my silver fox 2.5 U l Where the in side sleeve is . Were might I fined the best deal on parts?? thanks for your help and Good winds
  14. sky fish

    Long beach

    Hi D! Darn...we're there this weekend! Have fun! Theresa well darn Theresa I hope you have a great time and enough room to fly with all the clam diggers out. can you give me a list of all your favorite places to eat there ?
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