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  1. Rob, can you PM me? I tried to PM you but it says you cant recieve PM's....
  2. It's a great/fun day when you get to add two more rev's to your bag. I too was able to experience this last week, Congrats!
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  4. Thanks for the tip, now to practice, practice, practice.
  5. I have to agree about the fairy dust... I know for sure it will not be my last pro series...
  6. Thanks just really suprised at the difference in control from the 1.5 series to the b series & nym series...
  7. Well I've been spending the last week here on the Oregon coast and made the mistake of going to the lks every day. Been flying a 1.5 sle standard (w/ black race frame) and a 1.5 sle full vent and been having a ball. But i wanted a kite to fill the single vent hole I had in my current collection. Ended up picking up a single vent nym and wow I'm very impressed with how it feels so locked in and butter smooth! So by the end of the day the winds picked up so I had to put the new sail away and break out the 1.5 sle full vent. I instantly wanted to go back to the nym, but didn't want to chance it. Ended my day with the winds gusting 30 and put everything away. Stopped back in at the lks and was ready to purchase a 3 vent nym, but they had a b series pro xtra vent... Ended up getting it and as luck would have it winds were 18 to 25 today. Just got back from the beach and love the xtra vent. Maybe it's me but I swear it's the easiest rev to fly that I own, with the nym being second. Makes me wish I had gotten into the b series / b pro's sooner. I didn't really think there could be much of a difference, boy was I wrong!
  8. Welcome to the forums mr70ss, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

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