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  1. I also like a reminder to unwrap when it binds. Good to know that waiting for a kite is not uncommon. Sounds like it is worth the wait!
  2. Just found out that they are having stock issues (sewing sail issues according to the online kite shop) with the Solus and could be a month or two out... maybe. Just have to wait I guess. The mirage line should be alright. (It is spectrum from Prism)
  3. I have some 180# 80ft line with my Mirage and is in decent shape. Hopefully that might work...
  4. Thanks! Just placed an order. So which one did you go with I bought a Solus and I am really excited to get it up in the air. (I also went with LPG #90 100ft.) Thanks again everyone for the help!
  5. Thanks! Just placed an order.
  6. Is there a certain brand/type of line you go with? (Sorry for all the questions, just haven't ordered kite stuff in a long time and not sure what changes have happened) I am used to Spectra... not sure if things have changed.
  7. If I go with the Solus, what lines would you suggest... can't seem to find any info.
  8. The Solus looks like a great kite and might be what I am looking for. I am pretty sloppy in my inputs though. Might help me to tighten up tricks...
  9. Is there any difference in durability of the three? Thanks again for the help! I have been doing a lot of research and will buy soon...
  10. Okay, 5-15 mph sounds like most winds I see. I have flown my Mirage in pretty high winds (up to 50 mph) and you are right. The fun did stop after about 25-30 mph. I have been looking at the QPro, Kymera and Widow Maker, but not sure if there is something else to look at new or used....
  11. I have a Mirage (Now Hypnotist) that I have been flying for the almost the past 10 years and I really like it and have beaten it up practicing freestyle tricks, but I am looking for a new "expert level" kite. I have a 4D and is great for low to no winds, but I want a new kite for the 5-30 mph winds. Needing a durable kite for tricks that can do most freestyle tricks that are thrown at it. I also don't mind spending a decent amount of money to get a great kite that will last. Any suggestions on what to get next?
  12. Welcome to the forums rsoko, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

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