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  1. An FAA rule says you can't fly a kite 5 miles from an airport boundary.   Well, its almost impossible to find a spot of land that isn't within 5 miles of an airport.  This is certainly the case in all major cities.  Just for shits I hopped on kitemap.org.. you know, the repository for "best" places to fly and they listed three locations in my city and 2 were within half that 5 mile limit and the 3rd would still not comply if  you took literally the FAA's definition of this going right up the edge of the airports property as the starting point to start measuring. (in other words... was exactly 5 miles up the airport boundary)
    So being curious I just picked another couple cities at random and all the locations listed there too were within 5 miles.   A lot weren't even a mile.   So it was 0-12 on best places to fly a kite conforming to FAA regulations.  I have little doubt it would be the same if I kept looking.   It would be interesting to get an airport map of the US...
    Not that I give a sh*t, just pointing out the idiocy with the levels of bureaucracy in this country.

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  2. Thank you John, thank you Josh, thank you all for awesome clinic. What a nice group of people

    Learned a lot: flic flacs, axels, dog stake, indoor, an 18 person team fly :D:D and those little details that can make such big differences when you fly your kite. Enough to keep myself busy the next period of time


    Thanks again. Fly well B)




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  3. Hi Peter

    You can also look at depaddestoel.nl. A  top kite shop in the Netherlands. They sell almost every model (the new and 'old' ones) and they give a nice discount at this moment

    The owner is a really nice guy. Send them an e-mail if you have any question. I'm sure he  can help you

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  4. 20 hours ago, John Barresi said:

    Update from @Josh.Mitcheson:

    So guys, I've been meaning to post this for a while now. Another great opportunity for you guys. We have a basketball court booked from 6:30pm - 9:30pm on Thursday 31st of August for all you guys keen to have a go at indoor flying! The location is only five minutes drive from the beach and big enough for all of us to enjoy. Myself and John Barresi will be on hand to give advice and tutorials on your indoor flying. I will post more information very soon. There will be a small fee of £5 each to cover the cost of the court. Your also welcome to fly any indoor kites you have. There may also be a music system for some indoor demos if anyone would like to take to the stage! 

    See you guys all very soon!!!!


    I'd love to try indoor flying. Never done it before. But I haven't got an indoor rev.

    @John Barresi: is it possible to rent one of yours? Would really like to give it a try

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  5. Nice topic. This is my quad collection


    6 Rev's

    2 Rev's B1.5 - Full sail, Full Vent

    1 Rev B1 - Full sail

    3 Rev's 1.5 Pro's - Full sail, MID, Full Vent)


    4 Power kites

    3 Peter Lynn C-Quads - 1.9 (home made), 3.2, 4.2

    1 Peter Lynn Hornet 3.0



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