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  1. shiningshannon

    Happy Birthday Antman!!!

    Happy Birthday Antman! Best wishes, have a great day! Got ya over on the Rev forum as well
  2. shiningshannon


    Thank you Ant! I really did enjoy my day
  3. shiningshannon


    Thank you both for the birthday wishes! I had a great day! *HUGS*
  4. Thanks for the Birthday wish. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer so far.


  5. happy birthday!!!!!

    love always,


  6. Red sounds good...if thats what you want :)

  7. I havent flown my B yet, going to Hawaii next week and taking it along. I will be sure to get pics. I hope you can get one soon, I like both Red and's up to you, but a lot of people already have blue.

  8. shiningshannon

    Happy Birthday to John Barresi

    Happy Birthday to my Sweetie! Hope you have a good day! 32 spankin's on the way, hehehe Love ya!
  9. shiningshannon

    Indoor Flying Practice

    I saw this one online...just needs to be blue. Hehehe
  10. shiningshannon

    My New "B" Series

    Yeah... I think I like that idea
  11. Well that sounds fun to me, but I don't think John would go for it..gues we'll see.

    Hehehe :)

  12. shiningshannon

    My New "B" Series

    Guess I better start thinking of what color I want, hehehe John, Je t'aime mon chéri
  13. shiningshannon

    My New "B" Series

    Hmmm...Why don't I have one yet?? Better get on that
  14. shiningshannon

    a walk on theboard walk

    Nice pics Ant...I like the kite on top of the pile of dirt the best Yeah, that is a Kitelife shirt!!