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  1. Hello. I'm new to the site and to kiting. 2 months ago I flew my first kite and never looked back. My hubby and I are now hooked. We love the relaxation or excitement it brings us. We also got our 8 year old son enjoying the sport. We are all delta nuts. We just received a couple New Tech "Ascension's". We love the open keel design. Anyway, just wanted to say hello.
  2. I am a newbie here and to the kite world. I am 38 years old and just "found" kiting. It truly is the most fun since bubble gum! Both my hubby and I have to "hit the wind" at least twice a day if we can. Anyway, we both just received our new New Tech Acension kites and LOVE them. They are amazingly smooth and can fly in almost no wind. Just thought I'd share my experience.
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