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  1. im gonna go off on a limb here and say December 4th @ 7.30 pm. Eaither way, Congrats on the new addition, do you know weither its a boy or girl? Jesse
  2. The hypnotist does not come with the DVD, the Mirage did. Prism changed the name of the kite, from mirage to hypnotist, and also removed the dvd from the packaging. This was prism's response to me asking that question. The Mirage was 130 bucks, and the Hypnotist is 99, DVD is 30, you do the math LOL
  3. Here is what they look like.. Somthing is up with my camera, so the shots are not the clearest. Jesse http://www.putfile.com/jstickley Putfile didnt like the links, so you can see them there, just click on the kite stuff link and itll take you to it. Dont mind the other pictures lol
  4. I found mine at the checkout counter of walmart.. They are called Universal Finger Light LOL, thats whats on the side of them.. Had kinda a hard hit, and it accually switched one of them off, but, they were really taking a beating with absolutly no problems except that one that turned off, clicked it back on, back in action Jesse ps. Ill take a picture of the lights sometime today, so yall that dont have them can see exactly what they are.
  5. Flew the rev tonight and in the kite bag i had some of those finger lights. It started to get dark, but the wind was just too good and I didnt want to quit, So after 6 of those finger lights, 2 mounted on the endcaps of the lead edge spar, pointing out, 2 on the uprights, pointing down, and 2 more on the leading edge facing twoards the sail, plus add a tad bit of fog, and it was quite an impressive display. Had a few people watchin which was funny, because im in no means, "great" with a quad line kite. But it was definatly a cool experience, and looking forwards to flying at night again. J
  6. unfortunatly, the closest kite shop to me is the kite loft in ocean city, which is where i have purchased all of my kites.. Altho, after this past visit we had some issues with a few things there and the manager was a complete tool.. But ill check around, thanks penny Jesse
  7. well while im at it, i might as well purchase the lighter spars lol... Any info on exactly where to buy? I looked at GWTW's website, and couldnt find where to accually purchase the professional rods.
  8. Could you show me a page for the rods i need to get for the EXP? Thats the one id really like to use for low wind conditions. A page to purchase them. Thanks in advance dorsal. Jesse
  9. I have a Rev 1, could i change out the rodset to get that effect? Today was the most wind weve had in about a week, it accually moved the hair on my head. I also have a Rev EXP that i havent flown in years simply because of a bridle issue.. Is there a rodset for the exp also? Id much rather have that back into action because its much more forgiving with my wife. Jesse
  10. Thats just it, thats perfect for around here.. Baltimore wind really blows, well, it doesnt blow, gah.. i lost track there. Jesse
  11. I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but I am looking for a Indoor Rev. Reasoning is not because I want to fly it indoors, Its just it is rare that we have any wind over 5 or 6 mph around here, and id like somthing like that to fly outdoors whenever theres a slight (and when i say slight i mean very very slight) breeze. What do yall got? Thanks Jesse
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