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  1. My rev spars have had several negative excessive stress events. It's sad. These are the "new" cheap-ass ones with the green ring near the labeling (not the green race rods, I haven't got those). I'm going to Atlantic Beach, NC in August, first thing I do: go to Kites Unlimited, get some NOT CRAPPY spars for my rev, and also see about fixing the bridle on this Griffin.
  2. Sounds right. The rods are solid, not wrapped. It's pretty heavy for a kite.
  3. Ok, after looking at the list, I have no idea how to tell which version I have.
  4. I don't know which frame configuration. I'll look into it and get back to you.
  5. On Monday night, around 6pm, my area had a microburst. Our driveway isn't exactly graded properly, so a ton of water came into the garage. The garage is attached to a workroom and my office in the finished basement. Let's just say I need new carpet, and new paneling. However, in cleaning the workroom, my lovely wife made a discovery. Back in like 1991 or 1992, she bought me a dual line kite (back when all I knew was the term stunt kite). I flew it for a few years, then kind of dropped out of the kite scene because of whatever reasons. I bet you can see where this is going. It's a Griffin III, I think. 8 foot wingspan. I put it together to see it's condition. The sail looks to be in good shape. The struts seemed to be solid, though I didn't actually test it. I think the bridle lines are not in good shape, there was a powdery residue on them. No water got near the bag, so there's no damage from that. I'm excited to get it in the air again.
  6. Northmoreland Park in Apollo? That's 35 minutes from me. Crooked Creek is about 55 minutes. Cooper's Lake is like an hour as well. There's an event? I'll have to check out the details. Thanks for the info!
  7. hapes

    Replacing rods

    I think it's mostly flying outside recommended conditions. I put a Midvent on my christmas list, that will allow me to fly in all conditions (I have an EXP and then a Vertigo Max which is more vented than a B full vent).
  8. hapes

    Replacing rods

    I intend to get another single EXP rod to replace the one that's broken right now, then pick up some better quality ones. I've gone through probably 4 to 6 rods in the week I was flying about 2 hours a day, plus going to the Cleveland Kite Festival.
  9. hapes

    Replacing rods

    As some of you may know, I have a Rev EXP. It has the green label rods (not the racing rods, just the new crappy rods with the green bands by the label). If I were to buy a set of better rods, would they fit in my EXP? Are there differences in size between Bs and EXPs?
  10. hapes

    Breaking spars

  11. hapes

    Breaking spars

    OK, Freilein Vertigo Max. That's the kite I bought at Kites Unlimited. It's super vented. It's not that expensive compared to revs, and is probably considered a knock off of the Rev. But with the equalized lines and super vented, I was in nearly complete control. I mean, I'll not any good, but I figured out how to do tip landings with almost no force. I also nearly tip landed on my son's hand. My wife has a picture I'll post later of that. Anyway, victory! Thanks everyone for the tips!
  12. hapes

    Breaking spars

    So my best version of a setup to check length came up with this: http://imgur.com/St0lMjq So, yeah, not quite equal
  13. hapes

    Breaking spars

    Yeah, they were the EXP labelled ones, not race rods. I am pretty sure the lines are equalized, because I linked the top to bottom, white on black with a lark's head. Wound it up and when I got to the end, black on white with no slack. I guess it wasn't when I unwound it but...
  14. hapes

    Breaking spars

    Oh, to answer some questions: They are the green rods. I got replacements here. The lines are equalized, I could tell clearly when I unwrapped them the first time. My problems are based pretty much my lack of control, due to the high winds. So a kite designed for higher winds should resolve some of my issues.
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