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  1. The kite shop is no longer here. The owners moved to salt lake city and only operate as an on line store now. So no help there. I'll drop by my favorite flying field at different days and times and see if I find anyone else out there. I'm going to start watching the videos after the holidays are over and company is gone.... Thanks for the welcome Al
  2. I haven't been back to Chicago since my parents retired and moved to Florida 10 years or so ago. I plan on making it back there this summer to go see a Cubs game or two with my son. Maybe I'll try dropping by the forest preserve. Back in the 90's I made my own quad (rev ripoff) and tried flying it. I wasn't very good and shortly thereafter I moved and put my kites away. Now I'm older and have more time .... and I always wanted a real Rev so I got one. Now I need to learn how to really fly it. Al
  3. Makatakam, My handle is displayed but as soon as I go to the learn tab it shows that I need to log in but I can't since i'm already logged in. I've been a paid member since August but mostly just been lurking and learning. I figured out what I was doing wrong and I got to download the videos..... now to spend some time watching them all. On another note.... I grew up in Schaumburg. Lived there for 20 years. Al
  4. Duplicate post.... sorry
  5. Hi all, I'm new here on kitelife but I've been a flyer for a long time.I started back in the early 90's flying dual line stuff and have a nice little collection. I even made some of my own kites back in the day. Today for Christmas my daughter bought me my first real Rev. A jb signature series mid vent. So I went to check out some of the videos in the learn section and for whatever reason the site doesn't recognize that I'm logged in and a subscriber. If anyone has any idea of what I'm doing wrong I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. I really need to do some reading so that i'm ready to go out flying. Thanks Al
  6. Welcome to the forums Lopo, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

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