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  1. I guess if everyone has time now we could start these again
  2. Here is your sequence: 3 1 2 Timestamp: 2018-10-23 20:34:45 UTC @chip.lennep please p.m me your address and i will get it in the mail
  3. One More Day so far we have am if i am missing anyone enter now @SurfCityVortices @esinger @chip.lennep
  4. I am not sure it seems as light as a 4d prism maybe lighter
  5. I have a custom UL Jeff Howard kite up for grabs , In great condition not sure it has ever been flown , Out of the U.S shipping should not be bad as the kite is small and light Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States.
  6. I will be listing a karma soon is there any interest in a Jeff Howard ul signed kite
  7. Random Sequence Generator Here is your sequence: 4 3 1 2 5 Timestamp: 2017-08-17 17:30:22 UTC @Mitch your up pm address
  8. Looks like 5 of you said I'm in will draw shortly
  9. My wife says if a kite comes in another has to go so today i am offering one of my personal favorite kites on a windy day a Flexifoil stacker it's compact and loads of fun. It is well loved in good shape and no repairs . Bright pink with green tips. All you have to do to be entered to win is reply to the post titled **KARMA** and say “I’m in!” I’ll give it 1 week, and then I’ll use the RNG to choose the winner. I’ll grab the post # (in the upper right corner) from your initial post to input. Only the first post where you join will count in the drawing. I’ll po
  10. Thanks everyone got the kite will find something for the karma tonight
  11. Here is your sequence: 6 13 11 4 9 14 3 12 1 8 7 10 15 2 5 Timestamp: 2016-11-16 16:20:33 UTC Congrats @Hasek
  12. One day left !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. They fly very similar . In 15mph winds they scream they do not fly like the rest of the rev's if you pull to hard on one side they will fall out of the sky.
  14. I have both a shockwave and a supersonic the winner will get a choice of one kite (no lines or handles), both are in good shape, drawing will be held on November 16th. Just reply with "I'm in" to enter, as usual. Sorry for the delay in my posting the karma. Entered: @zachprism01 @elmo264 @Materdaddy @makatakam @Daougie @Hasek @Mike Klaiber @Deke Haid @bbailey49 @mywindstuff @TnA @nmicheli @etully @UnveiledFox @3wrapframe Standard Karma Note from the Moderators This
  15. I got the straps ,line set ,bracelets, and some writeinthe rain notebooks cool stuff will work on getting the new karma up today sincerely jC
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