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  1. Ok John and Photomom. Talked to Don and guess what! I got a rev bag coming in the mail! Woohoo!!! I really appreciate you speaking up and turning me on to these guys. Really nice brother to talk to on the phone. I believe he said there was one left there Mr White Rabbit.... Please forgive me for crashing your introduction thread. Thank you again JB and Photomom..
  2. If you find any rev kite bags let me know. I often wonder why they stopped making them. Maybe if enough people get together and prepay they would make a few? Might be worth a try...
  3. Glitch

    Quad Bench

    I am also receiving the signs! I was afraid to tell others till now. What can it all mean?
  4. Hey Frankie! Cool to see another drifter come in. A big welcome from Missouri! Being central United States I'll just give a parade wave to everyone! Hehehe
  5. Welcome Mr White Rabbit! Sounds like you got snagged in the same as me! Very nice introduction with a nice shine of your humorous side.. As you can see lots of nice folks on here... See ya amigo
  6. Well folks... Thought I should post somewhere other than introduction area.. Someone suggested I should buy a beetle just to see if I might enjoy 2 line kites. It came in the mail and I quickly opened the box as soon as I got home from work. I assembled and disassembled the kite a couple times measured the bridle to make sure everything was factory trued. Saturday I stretched the twisted wrap lines that came with the kite and cut them to equal length. Sunday I went out and put the thing in the air! Winds were off and on but still surprised myself that I kept it up as much as I did... Never managed a upright landing on the edge of the window. Almost could do a slide... Lines felt pretty spongy.... Not as fast as I expected but still fun! Put a couple single lines up for the wife for a while and just had a pretty good time in general... Two lines are fun but I plan on dedicating myself to the rev kites when I get them... Already working 10 hour days and it looks like the engineering department wants more and more so might be going to 12 hour days 😖 👎 Not cool at all... Day job is sucking the life out of me... Till then I'll keep watching JB videos and reading all the tips and tricks from you fine folks here on Kitelife. One of these days I will snap some picks of the kites were flying. Wife picks some pretty colorful stuff! Thanks as always to you folks who have taken the time to post experiences, help and suggestions helping the archive to grow. Seen some new member introductions..... Pretty cool stuff here... Good evening...
  7. You guys must be trying to up your post count because this kite has my name on it already. I'm just being polite and letting the clock run out before I give JB my mailing address...
  8. Hehehehe. Well I think I'll try to fly one before I try to fly three at a time. About my line choice... I read where the best length to learn on is 75'-80'... Watched JB's video so I chose to go with the different weight lines same length. Just seen another newbe posting about lines and got some solid answeres from makatakam and others. I've read so many opinions I've gotten numerically dyslexic! Would be nice to have a statistical average poll on what does a newbe need in his kite bag.... Well I was pretty excited. Got everything arranged at work so I could have the weekend off but UPS didn't pick up my kites till Friday 11:30 am... not cool. Revolution night color kites are in transit somewhere between Salt Lake City, Utah and here. My zero G and Skate kite are on back order till awindofchange gets them shipped in from the factory. Sucks more because we've had steady 2&3 mph wind for a while now. Today was a nice steady 8 mph. Good news is I ordered a Beetle on Wednesday and it showed up Friday! Yea! What I didn't know was it comes with twisted line and plastic handles... So I prestretched the lines today. Cut them to the same length and made some homemade strap handles. Did some work around the house. Watched a couple videos on how to fly a stunt kite and I'm gonna go dent some dirt tomorrow!!!! Yea!!! Anyone care to tell me what line brand weight and length Is there a favored brand of handles for these? Wish me luck.
  9. Hey Wayne .... I bought a indoor rev from a local guy here on Craigslist ... He mentioned several places here that will let me fly indoor. After watching several videos and reading several forum posts about setup I realized the handles that came with the kite were wrong. As far as the 150# lines. After watching JB's lines and weights videos he said above 20 mph go to 150# to slow the kite down. I guess it's a matter of staying and trying to fly vs pack up and go home when the wind hits 20? John says it's rarely used but needed at times My time is so limited if guess I am just trying to have what I might need in case I need it. I never thought about wind speed till now so I don't really know what 20mph feels like. Only recently do I look to see if I have enough wind to fly the SLK I have now...
  10. Ok folks... Here's the skinny on what's going on... Placed my order Tuesday morning!!! 50# 75' 90# 75' 150# 75' Kites & accessories 1 standard 1 full vent both night colored b series One race frame upgrade for$1 One snag less upgrade for $30 One set indoor handles 100' roll bridle line 1 red ITW Skate 1 orange flame Prism Zero G If you didn't know about awindofchange upgrade race frame swap for $1.00... Now you do.. That will give me four different frames to choose from. Might need to stick a broomstick in the leading edge till I learn how to fly!! Hehehe The store owner had a family emergency today so my order won't go out till tomorrow. Still I can hope that it might make it by the weekend.. Then hope I am free this weekend!!! My day job is sucking the life out of me. Till then... Watching videos and trying to fill my brain... Thanks to JB and all you members for posting your thoughts and experiences for people like me to learn from. Thank you John for your time .... Time to make and post all the videos... Time to create and maintain the websites. Time you have freely given to everyone. Hope to maybe meet some of you good people... Ten more years till full retirement... Hope I make it!! That is what the plan is with my kites as well as some of my other hobbies... Peace Oh... Thanks for creating the New member introduction area.. Look at them all coming to the forum now...
  11. Hello TinWi! I can groove with the jumping in with both feet. I've never been to any kite festivals... Sounds like a blast though. As you can already tell ...folks here make you feel welcome...
  12. Hello Jphelps! Welcome .... Pretty cool deal you got going on helping everyone like your doing. Seems to be the spirit with everyone here... Lots of good reading here and lots of good people. Best of luck to you amigo...
  13. All you guys need to back off! I got this one. It's mine! Hehehehehe
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