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    Back Flying

    ...Mostly rock climbing, that was my very first addiction. I got lost here in the site reading the report from the WCTeam Comp..ahhhhh I MISS THAT! from that I went back to the AKA page, the STACK one..huge wave of memories All started sunday, I went to the park here with the idea of making my kids try a real kite, pulled out the good old TOTL Sizzle, added a huge tail, long lines...My son (7) was flying it and RECOVERING IT from nose down in 30 min. To learn how to recover and avoid a walk of shame took me months back then... When the wind died he liked the Ozone a lot better...he already wants my kites! Same for my daughter, she was flying the Sizzle effortlessly...basic stuff of course, but still...She's 9 Then I bought a new kite(Illy 2K) the first one in what..5 years?? The old bug is still there, it was just sleeping. Can't wait to be back on the field...hopefully also in a team. Thanks for the awesome articles! I can't get enough of them. Paolo
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    Back Flying

    Hello all...Hey John we met a couple of times at the S Ramon festival, Paolo, the Italian guy. I'm back flying! When I am not climbing, I'll probably get back competing, but flying in team ( dual or quad) would be awesome. See you all around! Paolo Let's see what's still in my bag. TOTL Sizzle TOTL Radical Prism Elixir Prism Illusion Prism Illusion 2k Prism Ozone Prism ALien Prism 3D Benson gemini Benson Minigem SPectra Edge Spectra Nuclear Reactor Spectra Twister REV 1.5 REv 1.5 UL REV 1.5 Vent Hmm I definitely need more kites here...