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  1. Well guys (you know who you are)........ It is in our nature to try to keep someone from making a mistake which might cause them to get sour on flying by buying something that might not do the job. It's a "horses and water thing" Some folks are so bent on making that mistake, for whatever reason, that they must be left alone to do just that. I'm out.................
  2. povlhp Has it occurred to you that not one person here has suggested that you not buy a Rev or that you buy some other kite? The fliers who have taken the time to post here are some of the most experienced on the planet. You may want to re-think your purchase.
  3. No......None...... Alternatives yes......Good alternatives,,,No Bite the bullet and get a real Rev. You will never be sorry.
  4. If I was to get this kite, it would cost me....I would have to get one for Lynn,,,,,,,,but that would be just fine.
  5. When the sand starts blowing across the sand, it's time to look for something else to do. The xtra vent Revs are great in high winds, but when it becomes no fun, it's no fun. Most of the time, high wind is not the problem. In over 10 years of Rev flying, we have only been blown off the beach a few times times.
  6. Lynn and I just spent a week at El Mirage Dry Lake, CA running kite buggies, Blokart and Manta Twinjammer landsailers. I have sailed boats for over 55 years. We kept a small sailboat on the roof of our houseboat which I sailed often, sometimes taking Lynn along, but never taught her to sail. Last week I taught her to sail on a Manta Twinjammer. She still has the smile on her face. We had a great time. Me on a Manta Windjammer (single seat) On an Kite Buggy and on a Blokart
  7. We will be there for the month of August again this year. Really looking forward to it.
  8. Holding an inverted hover is a "muscle memory" thing much like riding a bicycle. One you get "it" you really don't have to think about it, the kite just does it. One of the easiest ways to learn the inverted hover (after you can fly in any direction controlling you speed) is to fly to the top in the center of the window, invert and fly straight down over and over, each time controlling your speed downward, slower and slower. After a while you will be able to stop your downward flight momentarily, and continue at will. This will become easier and easier as you gain that "muscle memory". Once you get the inverted hover, you can then pull one handle back and then the other back, and you will then have the inverted slide. Get the hover first. Just as in riding a bicycle, you really don't have time to think just how to move your hands. It will become automatic. Trust me, it will.
  9. Lynn and I plan to start fling on Thursday for sure, Wednesday if weather and our kitchen project lets us.
  10. We have pulled over to the side of the road to fly any number of times. Here are a couple of photos, one from Zion National Park, the other from the Badlands in South Dakota.
  11. Perhaps the hard landing is when the washers break. They are really not designed for what they are being used. I don't think a zip tie will ever brake, but can be easily cut away if removal is needed. I'm going to give it a try the next time a washer breaks. I have some small ties that I use for behind the dash wiring on street rods.
  12. I have thought about using small zip-ties around the existing knots. They could be installed loose enough to allow adjustment. Just in the thinking stage, have not tried it yet..
  13. Would love to have a new mid-vent. Perhaps 227 will be the lucky number.
  14. Don't know about the UK, but here in the US I go to any hardware store and get faucet washers. Some stores even have them on bulk. I always have several with me as with age, they tend to break.
  15. Sounds like fun. Is there somewhere nearby to hang a 27' Airstream for a couple of nights? Don't need hook-ups, just a space. In front of my house? Tomorrow? They'll be flying on Sunday too T Might be good for next year. We'll talk We are headed for Crescent City for the Labor Day fly with the Windchasers. Had we known sooner...........
  16. Sounds like fun. Is there somewhere nearby to hang a 27' Airstream for a couple of nights? Don't need hook-ups, just a space.
  17. On Sunday, Jun 16, 2001, Lynn and I were driving our orange '47 Chevy Street Rod with our little Airstream trailer in tow down the Oregon Coast. As we passed through Rockaway Beach we saw some large balloon looking objects in the air. We parked and went to investigate. They were, of course, inflatable kites. We had never seen anything like that before. As we got to the beach we could see a man flying, what turned out to be, a stack of Revolution kites. We had seen some dual line kites a few days before in Seaside, Oregon, and a young man had let me try his kite. I got the hang of it, but went on my way, as it, for some reason, didn't press my button. Well, the stack of Revs, and the way that guy could control them, really got my attention. After a little while the guy landed the kites, so I went over to him and started asking questions. The man was Bob Serack. Kite maker/flier, Banner maker and all around good guy. Bob asked if I wanted to give it a try with a single Rev. I told him "NO, I don't want to mess up one of your kites". Bob got a "beater" out of his van, drug me kicking and screaming onto the beach, and, after a little instruction, got me in the air. After about an hour of crashing and burning, we bid Bob farewell and continued our trip south. That experience worked on me until the Friday after Thanksgiving when I wondered into a kite shop in Carlsbad, CA and bought my first Rev. Well, lots of wind has blown over the beach since that day in June 2001. Lynn started flying just after I did in late 2001, bought herself a Rev on eBay. We now fly together nearly every day, weather and wind permitting. We keep in touch with Bob Serack, who now lives in Astoria, OR. Bob's birthday falls during the time we are north for WSIKF, so every year we meet up with Bob, fly together and go out to dinner for his birthday. In the few years we have been flying Revs, we have managed to fly and learn from the best. You know who you are, and we thank you all for it. We also blame Bob for it and have told him so every step of the way. Thank you Bob Serack.
  18. I had to think about it for a sec rofl. (*hint ever tried the talking through a string with cans attached on the ends?) Hey, that's how we communicated back in the day. No kidding, my buddy next door and I had just such a set-up between his room and mine. Works pretty well until it rains and the string gets wet.
  19. Same here. When I log in it takes me right back to the log in page. I'll try again later. I'm sure you will get it worked out. Cheers, Jim
  20. I have been using the Firefox internet browser for over a year now. I don't get any banner ads, pop-ups or news feeds. No box on the right with a little "X". Am I missing something?
  21. Just got the same message.
  22. Thanks, Lynn and I are looking forward to both events. Berkeley is always fun, and WSIKF, well, it's WSIKF. Need I say more? We'll be there two weeks again this year.
  23. Hey John Careful with that "really old" stuff. This year you are 34, only a year short of half as old as I am. Next year you will be 35. You will then be half as old as I will be. At that rate, you will catch up. Right? See you Saturday
  24. If you use "Firefox" as your internet browser, there is an add-on available called "Download Helper" that allows you to capture most YouTube videos. You can then save them in a folder and play them or e-mail them as an attachment. The computer on which you wish to play that video must have "flvplayer" which can be downloaded off the internet.
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