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  1. Happy Anniversary John and TK. It is great to see you toghther! Hope you enjoy eachother forever and ever.
  2. Oh well keep it cooking and serve it up soon as you can, the kids will love it. We did a scout camparee here a while back and 6 of us helped make 500 kites in about 6 hours time. It was a lot of work but there were 500 scouts beaming with their own new kite! it was a lot of fun. This year they asked us back to set up and make kites for 10000-12000 scouts! When we told them what it would take to do that over a 3 day camp they graciously backed down and just let us up come and fly some really big kites and teach some kids how to fly a rev, even that was a challange with that many kids around! But it was well worth it! Dean
  3. So what is happening with the scouts? Did everything work out good? hopefully things went great. Maybe some other scout troops will want to build kites for their kids. It is surpising how inexpensively you can help kids build kites.usually under a buck!
  4. It is still a pretty good deal at $175 you know. It really is good as new.
  5. Sorry bout that , hope you have a strong heart and a good disposition. LOL
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    Rev 2 supersonic Ok

    From the album: rev

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    From the album: rev

  9. http://kitelife.com/forum/gallery/image/5012-/ http://kitelife.com/forum/gallery/image/5011-/ Not sure how to up load photo's here, The used one I have is a supersonic that is purple, white and blue colors. It is $175. I also have a new shockwave at $210 that is blue black and white one, I believe.
  10. I have a Rev super sonic I think is what it is. Might be a shockwave, It has been used once and has been in storage eversince. I'd like to sell it for $175. You can reach me by email or call 208 524 5551 Thanks Dean
  11. I gave my grand kids a nice deta from Premier a few years back. They were over in Oregan flying it when the line holder broke one handle off, the kite started flying off across the bay, about the time the kite was to come down, the line holder (the kind wth a handle on both ends and line in the middle) would hit the water and ankor the kite, it would then soar back into the sky, until the kite lifted the line out of the water, then it would start falling again. the process repeated several times across about a mile of water, until a guy on the far side of the bay cought it as it came ashore. My grand daughter ran all the way around the bay to get her kite back. The guy was very gracious and gave it back to her. By the time she got back to us she was beat but very poud her kite didnt get away. One of the funnyiest things I've ever seen!
  12. First kite as a kid was a little diamond HiFlyer. They cost a quarter and were worth about just that much. It was paper and blasla wood kite. broke the first time I flew it, then I had to rebuild it out of "news paper", it would them fly a little longer, then I'd be back rebuilding it again. That was in 1955 didnt even have plastic bags yet! Wow makes me feel pretty old.
  13. Kind of a late response, but have you found what you need? Have you been able to fly or are you still waiting for info. If you still need info please contact me and I'll try to help. Dean
  14. I love my E3! it flys fantastic and is very responsive. Best 2 line for the $ I've had. I'm not a fan of ebay or amazon for kites. To many seem to not quite be up to factory standards when they arrive??? Seems they do anything to sell cheap rather then selling the compete package form the dealer. ALso they dont know what they are selling. Go find a local dealer, make a friend, support local kite shops. Have a place to go with questions. Just sayin.
  15. Had a gentleman come to me to "fix" his kite from doing the same kind of thing. It was a 16' Delta, but pulling to one side. when I took it out to fly it, I found one of the spars was split leagnth wise and gave very little support. I replaced the spar with a new one and now if flys great. Sometimes you have to look close at them to see that they have split. Good luck, Please let us know when you get if fixed and what you found out. We may all learn something. Enjoy the Sky Dean
  16. Hey! Did you ever get the kite you were looking for? Prism and HQ both make great kites for a great price. I would bite the bullet and get one from a dealer instead of bay. The dealer will help you later, bay won't. Some folks that sell on bay have changed lines, handles or found other ways to sell cheap. The biginner doesnt know the differance but usually has a hard time flying. I had a guy in our town bought a REV online. He couldn't make it fly. So we went out together. The lines and handles he had were not the correct ones for a REV, but ones they could pickup cheap. When I put my real REV lines on his kite it flew great. He then had to buy new line sets. Ended up costing him more then if he had bought it from a dealer in the first place, not to mention he would have been able to fly with less hassel. Hope you are flying high
  17. I have several mid size lifters and have found for the money and size, the sled seems to be the best lifter. However I have a delta, parafoil and a sled to lift items for me. They all work great and it mostly depends on what I want the lifter to look like. Some times I just feel like a sled, sometimes I dont. and use the foil! Sometimes wind conditions will help one kite fly just a little better then another, so it is nice to have a little selection.
  18. Hi Marcus, It has been over a year since you posted this. Did you ever gett he flag up? How did it look? Do you have any photos? We used a 16' delta to lift 6 3x5 USA flags last april at a kite festival. we used the caribiners to attach them. I also added a small amount of line to the bottom caribiner to alow the flag to fly a more virtical natural stance. I didnt want it strapped to the linedirectly since the kite line is always on an angle and not virtical like a real flag pole. Enjoy the Sky Dean
  19. Hey Marshall, I have a small kites shop and sold a Shockwavy and a Supersonic to a couple guys last fall. A few days later they brought them back complaining they didn't work right. So I took both kites out for a spin and they work GREAT! They fly just like they are suposed to! So what was the deal I wondered? I've decided it was because they do fly differently then a 1.5 and I found one guy had never flown a Rev at all! Now I have them sitting on the shelf waiting to find someone to fly them. So... I guess what I am trying to say is they both are very FAST compared to the 1.5, they both fly differently then the 1.5, and if you want one you will need to put in a little Learning Time, I dont think the regular guy is going to just pick one up and fly it like a pro in 10 minutes. But I also dont think someone that has never flown a Rev will be able to lean without a Long learning curve. Flight time on a 1.5 is big help I believe. You will also need quick reflexes and enjoy the challange of keeping something that size, moving that quickly, on short set of lines in the sky! The Shockwave does pull harder then the Super just like the other fellow says. So if you want speed and pull you want the Shockwave, if you just want speed you would probably like the Supersonic best. But once you get up and runnning with one you will have a great time. Drop me a line if you have any other questions. Enjoy the Sky Dean
  20. Email me your address to sunrisekites AT outlook DOT com and I'll mail you one that you can use for a pattern and see how they are built.
  21. Hi, sounds like i may be a little late. but if you still need help with kites for scouts, I'd be glad to help out. I have built 1'000's with help form friends. We usually use a Sled type kite because the are pretty much fool proof. They can be easily built in large numbers. If you would like I can email you the instructions and mail you a sample kite to follow as a plan. if we are building 20-50 we try to get the local hospital or Dr office to donate a few colorfull pastic bags that they all use. One bage makes about 8 kites. It seems most of the parts are easy to come by, Kite line is the most expensive item. I can help you with that if you like. I have about 2000 rolls that are 300' long, I usually roll them onto 1/2 poly pipe at about 50-75' each. that is about all that is needed per kite. so one roll give you line for about 5-6 kites. I sell them for 25 cents each, the postage is usually about the same cost for 10 rolls or so. LOL you can email me at sunrisekites@outlook.com I'm not sure I could find you on this spott again. Good luck Dean
  22. The Number for Summermoon folks on the Dog Stake diagram has been changed to: 631 842-6711. Good Luck
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