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  1. That is the video that tipped the scale so to speak on buying a cosmic tc. I work second shift and the shopping plaza near me is empty at night and a wind funnel. I've yet to try it out though....
  2. At work for the night and the kite is at home so no pictures tonight. Basically it's a dual line sul with a bridle that allows for adjustments on the out hauls, in hauls, and up hauls. I can't remember if it's a turbo or three point style but I want to say three point.
  3. I get what you guys are saying about find an adjustment setting and stick to it but I still haven't found my sweet spot. Looking for feed back from other cosmic ghost owners. What are their fav bridle positions and why? Wind speed for this kite seems to be (for me) about 3-4mph
  4. Hello, i recently picked up a kitehouse cosmic ghost tc. All of the bridle attachment points have adjustment knots and I have to say I'm a little overwhelmed with such an bridle adjustment system that offers so many options. It would take me a very long time to explore each adjustment combination. I would like to throw it out to the forum and ask for the basic and not so basic changes in fly characteristics for the differential ajistments possible. I have seen the write up on bridles and sweet spots and understand the concept somewhat but am looking for others experiences and what they've found in relation to this specific kite. I did try writing kite house but did not get a response, not sure they are in business anymore or just not customer service friendly like that. If this belongs in a different forum my apologies and please move it for me. Thank you in advance for any info. Stay at breezy my friends Eric
  5. I wonder how windy it is outside right now....

  6. Welcome to the forums Icywings, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

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